“A Theology for the Rest of Us” A Book Written by Arthur Yavelberg

A journey through world spiritualities, focused on personal answers

Imagine coming into a large, dark room. You flip on the lights and find many tables – 50 or more – with centerpieces, dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins, and tablecloths. In the front of the room is a row of chairs with a podium and a microphone in the middle of the room. So? What goes through your mind?
– excerpt from A Theology for the Rest of Us

If God exists and is good, why is there evil? Avoiding such questions underlies the spiritual emptiness and anxiety in today’s world. A Theology for the Rest of Us explores how to approach the divine through Eastern and Western religious traditions without dogma, challenging readers to “be you lamps unto yourselves.”

In a time of internecine wars and all kinds of abuse of authority and trust, many people are “voting with their feet” and turning away from organized religion. Popular “spirituality”—a sort of mysticism-lite articulated in memes—is often unsatisfying as well.

A Theology for the Rest of Us is a straightforward approach to the fundamental questions of religion and philosophy:

  • Does God exist?
  • Is there free will?
  • What is ‘evil’?

This book draws on the traditions of the East as well as the West—Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism in addition to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—to see what can make sense in today’s world. Whether exploring the implications of 17th century Enlightenment philosophers, quantum physics, or the insights of writers such as Dostoyevsky and Alan Watts, the reader is offered a rational, coherent approach that can provide the understanding and a basis for hope in a world where the spirit has been all but decimated by doubt and worse.

Most important, the reader is encouraged to sift through these sources and choose what resonates and what does not. As the Buddha taught so many years ago, the Prime Directive is “Be ye lamps unto yourselves.” A Theology for the Rest of Us makes teachings accessible to those who have already begun their spiritual journeys, validating their questions and showing that reasonable answers are available.

Best Indie Book of the Year Award Literary Titan Silver Award

Arthur Yavelberg. With no exotic accent, flamboyant robes, or impressive degrees, Arthur Yavelberg has had a 40-year career in education making complex ideas accessible to adults and children alike. He is just like the rest of us: a seeker of spiritual wisdom in a world that is bewildering in its wondrous beauty and devastating horrors.

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