The Earth Center Announces Nekhitem Kamenthu as New Executive Director, Iterates Commitment to Preserving West African Culture

Nekhitem Kamenthu’s appointment is intended to help The Earth Center move forward with its mission of preserving and promoting humanity’s Ancestral culture to sustain the health and well-being of all people

The Earth Center, a non-profit organization that helps protect indigenous and traditional culture in West Africa, is thrilled to announce it has appointed Nekhitem Kamenthu as the organization’s new Executive Director. In his new role, Nekhitem Kamenthu will be responsible for advancing the brand’s growth and driving the frontiers in its mission to preserve West African cultural heritages.

Nekhitem Kamenthu is a professionally trained musician and entrepreneur who has spent much of his life working to protect and preserve West African culture at every slight opportunity he gets. Over the years, Nekhitem has published articles in The Rising Firefly magazine that highlights the connection between music and culture. By joining The Earth Center, it is expected that Nekhitem Kamenthu will bring his leadership skills and passion to help the organization achieve its mission.

“I am excited to join The Earth Center,” explained Nekhitem Kamenthu. “I understand what the organization represents and I am ready to help her achieve it. The protection and preservation of West African culture has been a life goal for me. Starting out, I was drawn to learn about the Dogon culture from West Africa. I learned West Africa has been able to preserve their cultures and customs. Since then I’ve dedicated myself to the practice of the culture to preserve it.”

The mission of The Earth Center Projects is to protect humanity’s cultural legacy by revitalizing indigenous communities, and supporting their strength and growth. These projects exist to sustain their way of life by protecting the priceless knowledge preserved in these communities. This helps to solve the complications of modernization that risk compromising the integrity of these indigenous communities on which we depend.

Aside from its projects, The Earth Center also sells literature that highlights the wisdoms and solutions to modern day problems. They also offer Dogon Sourced Training under the M’TAM branch. The M’TAM School of Kemetic Philosophy and Spirituality is the education branch of The Earth Center which offers the oldest initiatic science and most ancient knowledge humans have produced.

Nekhitem Kamenthu is a graduate of the New York M’TAM School, Nekhitem Kamenthu grew up in New Jersey. He has traveled extensively around the world seeking knowledge and helping to maintain the various centers. Nekhitem was also influential in various indigenous unification events and processes that The Earth Center has been involved in and his appointment as new Executive Director will help the organization further on its course.

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The Earth Center is a multi-faceted 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting humanity’s Ancestral culture. The organization aims to provide people who are committed to the upliftment of humanity with a forum to address cultural, spiritual, educational, social, economic and health problems. They also offer a framework for thought and exchange on problems affecting Africa, its diaspora, and humanity.

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