New Book, ‘Gods Mourn Too’ Inspires Writers to Find Inspiration In Every Day Life

With his latest book, “Gods Mourn Too: A Collection of Essays and Questions for Thought”, author Stephen Earley Jordan II delivers personal essays on the craft of writing, taken from his own experiences. After each essay, Jordan includes questions for thought and a section for personal journaling.

Gods Mourn Too” is a breath of fresh air for readers to simply ‘pick up the pen’ and write again while using every day experiences as inspiration.

In “Gods Mourn Too”, Jordan discusses issues most central to him as a writer, childhood development and influence, stereotypes in the condition of a writer, and embracing the psychological aspects. As if holding the reader close, he turns his nose up at writer’s block myth and suggests sources of his own inspiration, from pets to traumatic experiences to going for a hike. Finally, he challenges preconceived notions on how society views writers and the reality of it.

Jordan claims, “Writers, yes, real writers-those of us who have a spark of unending inspiration every morning when we wake and the sun shines directly into our windows, understand that we are Gods too.”

“Gods Mourn Too” is a pocket-sized book that can be read for personal reflection and journaling; high school and college literature or writing courses. Coupled with the author’s eccentricities and wisdom, his book contains reminders and realities about the writing/publishing industry that creatives need to encounter on a regular basis to stay aligned with goals.

Stephen Earley Jordan II was raised in Huntington, West Virginia. He is a graduate of Alderson-Broaddus University where he earned a BA in Writing; and BA in Literature. He attended Marshall University for graduate studies. Jordan spent most of his adult years in New York City and currently resides in Puerto Rico. He is the author of several books of essays, poetry, and fiction; and have spoken at various colleges and universities on issues of race, class, and gender. His personal website is and his books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered at any bookstore.

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