Adding Shower Inlays in the Bathroom Can Be a Big Improvement

Adding Shower Inlays in the Bathroom Can Be a Big Improvement

These days, more homeowners than ever are embracing the extra space and luxurious feel of tub-to-shower conversions. Converting an old tub to a new shower enclosure won’t just save space and make life easier for mobility-impaired residents or guests. Spacious, walk-in showers offer far more options when it comes to design and aesthetics, as well.

What Are Shower Inlays?

Adding a mosaic shower inlay is one of the most popular ways to improve a modern bathroom’s appearance. It involves breaking up two pieces of a marble slab or sections of tile with mosaic tile. After the addition of shower inlays, older bathrooms will look clean and contemporary in design and newer ones will have some added style.

Mosaic Tiles Offer a Wealth of Options

Mosaic tile shower inlays can make any bathroom look more beautiful, so it should come as no surprise that many homeowners have them installed during renovations. These unique inlays are composed of mosaic tile sheets cut to fit and embedded in solid backgrounds. 

Because the mosaic tiles are designed to be cut and integrated into tile designs, homeowners have all the options in the world when it comes to style. Designs can be elaborate or simple, colorful or monochrome. No matter what option is selected, it will add a touch of luxury to the shower by breaking up the monotony of an otherwise boring shower wall.

Getting the Design Just Right

Because mosaic tile inlays have become very popular in recent years, homeowners looking for a little inspiration should have no problem finding examples of other people’s projects online. Not every pattern is right for every bathroom, though. The best way to get an idea of how a new shower inlay will look is to visit and use the company’s bathroom visualizer.

The Importance of Working With Skilled Professionals

It’s fine for homeowners to take pride in performing some of their own renovation work, but when it comes to bathrooms, it’s best to leave things to the professionals. Amateur shower inlay installations can lead to leaks, leaving that new bathroom with water stains almost immediately. Plus, there’s little point in remodeling a bathroom if the end result doesn’t come out looking just right.

Homeowners who don’t know how to handle materials and tools appropriately don’t just risk ruining an otherwise beautiful design. Unlike professional bathroom remodelers, who are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, homeowners will be responsible for any medical bills accrued when things go drastically wrong and cause personal injuries.

Schedule a Consultation

Homeowners who want to beautify their bathrooms by installing shower inlays need to work with contractors they can trust. Granite and TREND Transformations have been providing homeowners with the eco-friendly, luxury remodeling services they need to improve their homes for almost three decades. Visit to schedule a consultation or reach out for more information about how homeowners can turn even a boring bathroom into an inspired work of art.

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