Filmmaker And Actress Barbara Horvat Is A Promising Star In The Slovenian Entertainment Industry

With over 10 years of experience and taking part in several projects across the world, she hopes to inspire the next generation with her talent and creative abilities

Barbara Horvat is one of the most promising stars in the Slovenian entertainment industry today because of her talent and creative abilities. The actress, filmmaker, and writer started her career at the age of 7, performing in school plays. As she grew older, people began to point out her exceptional talent and creativity, so she decided to make it official.

At age 14, Barbara started saving for school. One year later, she started working towards her dream. After 8 years of working, she took the bull by the horn by enrolling in a school in Los Angeles to study performing arts, at the age of 23. Here, she will be molded by some of the finest hands in the entertainment industry. The choice of Los Angeles is very strategic, especially because it is home to Hollywood, considered the world’s largest film industry community. She was later admitted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to complete her studies.

While at school, Barbara Horvat got busy working on student projects, short films, and background acting roles. Her experience and her outstanding academic performance gave her the foundation she needed to become the person she is today.  

After her studies in Los Angeles, Barbara decided to take a bold step by venturing into the entertainment industry. Her TV debut was before 2015, when she took part in a TV series called “Razred zase,” appearing in four episodes. The project was by a production company in her home country, Slovenia, and that gave her some publicity, setting the stage for a promising career.

Over the years, she has taken part in short film projects, feature films, international TV commercials, and an Amazon Prime Series to name a few. Barbara speaks English, Croatian, Slovenian, Spanish, and Czech. She can do accents like Russians, French, and Standard American. Barbara can be seen in short film “Goose and Gander”, filmed in Croatia, French project “Offline” filmed in Switzerland, and feature film “Nekaj sladkega,” filmed in Slovenia. 

The entertainment industry continues to provide Barbara Horvat with new opportunities, adventures, and fun. She is currently working with partners in Slovenia and other parts of the world on projects that will entertain her fans.

Barbara is also active on social media, where she creates awesome content to educate, entertain, and inform her teeming fans who are in their thousands. She’s not just a creative person; she has something tangible to offer her audience and help them achieve their own desires.

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