Sal Media Reinforces Support for Cricket in North America

Sal Media Reinforces Support for Cricket in North America

“Sal” Syed Salman has been serving the cricket community and bringing the sport into the spotlight in North America for over a decade.

It seems that cricket in North America is on the rise, and not without the help of “Sal” Salman, a very talented media and cyber security professional. Salman resides in New York, but his efforts span all across the US with the addition of Canada and England. Sal is working on bringing attention to the sport of cricket by supporting young athletes and minorities, providing media services completely free of charge, and spreading the word about cricket through his extensive social media network.

Sal and cricket go way back. Sal has been giving coverage to the sport of cricket since 2008. His role as a fan and player of the sport has been able to push him to fight for cricket and make a big impact on the way it’s evolving in North America. The reason behind Sal’s dedication is passion. “I have been a sports fanatic since the fifth grade. It’s a part of me and will always be my passion,” shares Sal. Ever since the very beginning, 95% of his work has been provided on a complimentary basis.

The goal was never to monetize his passion, but rather, to promote the growth of the cricket community. With Sal’s neverending support, many young men and women received the recognition they deserved and got the opportunity to reach new heights within the cricket industry. In Sal’s words: ”Sports have the power to bring a lot of positive change in people’s lives. I am glad that I get to witness that change.”

There is a lot in store for Sal and his brand Sal Media. Sal has been growing globally for many years, with the opportunities to work in England and Canada. Sal is planning to keep growing with his brand and expand out of the west. Salman would like to grow in all directions and add more sports to his portfolio. The goal is to make Sal Media a one-stop shop for all the media needs of professionals and brands in the sports industry. An even bigger goal, of course, is to continue using his resources to give coverage to cricket and spotlight to those who deserve it!

About “Sal” Syed Salman

As a dedicated player and cricket enthusiast, Sal wants to allocate his resources to bringing the sport to new heights in the USA. Having worked with leagues such as the Minor League Cricket, the American Premiere League, and the National Cricket League, Sal is well-equipped to bring cricket to new heights nationally and globally.

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