Tany Mujikwa is a Successful Business Coach & Author. His I.T.B Platform (In The Biz) was created to help everyday folk Navigate The Ins And Outs Of The Service Industry

“In The Biz” platform mission is to provide people with the knowledge they need to be successful in and out of the service industry. In creating The Biz platform, founder Tany Mujikwa saw a need for this type of resource. He has extreme experience in every aspect of the service industry and saw firsthand how difficult it could be to navigate it, especially without the know-how of how the industry truly works.

Tany Mujikwa, the founder of In The Biz, has over 15 years of experience in the customer service industry. With this wealth of experience, Tany has created a platform that helps individuals learn about various aspects of the service industry. 

Tany Mujikwa started the podcast with a couple of his friends as simply a way to vent about the day-to-day struggles people face in the service industry. This podcaster discusses industry topics and highlight businesses and individuals making a difference in the world.

When Tany Mujikwa started his podcast, In The Biz, he had no idea its impact on people’s lives. He soon realized that he was making a difference in the world by building a community around his show. Tany Mujikwa, the founder of ITB, decided to transition into making it not just a brand but also a platform that would help people manage their careers in the service industry. Tany’s experience in the service industry inspired him to create this much-needed resource for others. 

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According to Tany Mujikwa, “My friend says I’m an awesome teacher and communicator. I have heard this since the 6th grade. Truthfully speaking, It would be selfish If I only focused on my success and neglected to use my natural gifts to help other people. I was built and born to be a coach. That is why I started ITB. I wanted to help others like me get a better hold on the service industry to accelerate their careers.”

In today’s business world, knowing how to make more money at work is more important than ever. With In The Biz, Tany Mujikwa teaches individuals how to navigate the in’s and outs of the service industry. From courses and ebooks on how to make more money at work, on side hustles, and setting up one’s own business to training on e-commerce, funnel integration, website building, and more, this guidance counselor has everything one needs to make more money in their career. 

Tany Mujikwa understands that the service industry is extremely competitive and getting great training and reliable information is hard to move up the ranks is hard. That is why he hopes In The Biz can help as many people in this industry as possible.

About the Resource: 

In The Biz or ITB, founded by Tany Mujikwa, is a resource for people who want to learn about the service industry. They teach the ins and outs of the service industry so people can be successful in their careers.

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