Alliance Interactive, Data Shows Professional Website Maintenance Can Help Businesses Grow

Leading website maintenance and design service, Alliance Interactive claims that figures from their clients show that professional maintenance can make a big difference to a business’s performance.

The average website maintenance cost is between $500 to $3000, depending on the number of services it includes. Some services also offer scaling, which allows businesses to add services as the site grows. However, according to data cited by Alliance Interactive, website maintenance services can help companies to grow immensely by reducing the amount of downtime, technical glitches, and other problems that may turn potential users and search engines away. 

Anyone who has managed a website, run advertising, and invested in SEO knows that the slightest technical glitch, like the website taking longer to load than usual, 404 pages, and hosting troubles, can all cause a website to tank in terms of rankings. Nobody wants to spend several thousand dollars on advertising, only to discover later that their website was down for the most part or people accessing the site via specific browsers could not read the text or even enter their details. That’s what justifies the cost associated with professional website maintenance packages. 

Professional website maintenance services like Alliance Interactive ensure that a business’s website is up and running as it should be 24/7. It often requires monitoring and quickly addressing issues identified. The team of experts ensures that the website is optimized for loading time and accessibility. All of this justifies the costs involved with regular website maintenance. 

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“Our focus is mainly on what our customers need and when they need it. The goal is to set you up for success and ensure your website works as it should. We have a team of experienced professionals who proactively monitor our clients’ websites and take the required measures as soon as a problem is identified. This reduces the potential of downtime, increases website speed, and most of all reduces if not eliminates the frustration associated with maintaining a website.” Said one of the professionals at Alliance Interactive. 

He added, “Think of our team as an extension of your team. However, since everything is handled in-house, issues are often resolved as soon as they are identified. In fact, we have the fastest response time in the business. This is why our data shows that clients see a massive increase in sales, leads, and other forms of customer interaction.” 

About the Company: 

Alliance Interactive is a Washington DC-based, award-winning digital agency that provides website maintenance and web design services. Established in 2003, the company helps brands generate growth. The company’s technical team has an extensive background in working with B2B services, nonprofits, NGOs, and others. Alliance also offers Drupal and WordPress development services. In addition, the company provides site migration and site security services.

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