Crypto Kings Club on a Mission to Disrupt the NFT Space

Crypto Kings Club, a Dallas-based NFT project, is expected to have a major impact on the NFT space with its upcoming launch of the Crypto Kings Club Collection. The Mint launch will begin to unveil 10,000 unique digital Kings on September 1, along with details about their practical utility and information on top community initiatives.

The Crypto Kings Club collection will play an integral role in transforming decentralized gaming. The company is focused on a game launch with advanced NFT-based features to empower the holders and increase digital utility. The metaverse game will be cross-platform on the first comprehensive gaming ecosystem with upcoming titles on iOS, PlayStore, and Windows.01. 

Crypto Kings Club NFT Collection Sample Set of Kings(Source: Crypto Kings Club Corp)

The launch also offers an insight into the unique characters that are a part of the King’s metaverse. Digital users worldwide have shown excitement for the collection’s launch by actively participating in the Discord community. Whitelist for the collection has begun exclusively for Discord members & Waitlist Signups on CKC’s website,

“We’re excited to launch our crazy collection into the wild. These lions represent months of artistic reflection and efforts to capture the wild spirit of these kings. The Crypto Kings community will be at the center of the Project. We’re hoping to reflect the input of our members in upcoming features and launches,” said Chief Operating Officer Jihad Faraj.

Gamers and Crypto enthusiasts have welcomed the launch of the Crypto Kings collection as a positive step in the evolution of decentralized technology. The immutability of the blockchain, along with the decentralized governance structure, is expected to empower the community.

“For far too long, gamers and crypto lovers have witnessed NFT projects that have capitalized on the hype and turned into cash grabs. We’re expecting to take the input of our members to curate an extraordinary project that evolves into an expansive metaverse. Through the 10,000 NFTs, we’re offering a rendition of art that comes with practical utility.”

During a Twitter Spaces talk, COO Jihad Faraj announced the official Mint date of September 1st and elaborated on IRL (In Real Life) utility holders can expect. Faraj highlighted discounts for holders at Kings Wheels – Crypto Kings Club’s main sponsor and financial supporter with its multiple tire shop locations throughout North Texas.  

Another benefit for holders is automatic access to the CKC Academy. The CKC Academy will teach holders how to trade and how to spot trends and conditions. In addition, this exclusive academy will feature experienced and knowledgeable traders who want to help their communities thrive by being able to participate in this financial revolution.

Upcoming Dates

Instagram Filter Racing Game Release – August 15, 2022
Discord AMA (Ask Me Anything) – August 18, 2022
Twitter Spaces – August 19, 2022
Discord AMA – August 25, 2022
Twitter Spaces – August 26, 2022
Mint Date – September 1, 2022

Crypto Kings Club Corp

Launched as the premier utility-based NFT collection, Crypto Kings introduces 10,000 unique characters that celebrate the fierce spirit of kings. The collection highlights artistic expression, practical utility, and unique expression while paving the way towards a broader Kings metaverse. More information about the landmark Crypto Kings Collection can be found at

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