Morehouse Instrument Company launches a new line of budget-friendly high-capacity load cells for ISO 7500 & ASTM E4 calibrations

The new advanced and budget-friendly ISO 376 Precision Load Cells from Morehouse are considered the gold standard for ASTM E4 & ISO 7500 Compression field calibrations of Testing Machines.

York, Pennsylvania August 16, 2022 – Morehouse Instrument Company is pleased to announce that they are currently expanding their load cell offerings and have recently launched a new line of highly affordable high-capacity load cells. The latest load cells, ISO 376 Precision Load Cells, are designed for ISO 7500 & ASTM E4 calibrations.  

In an exclusive interview, Henry Zumbrun, the President of Morehouse, shared that their new ISO 376 Precision Load Cells are precise to better than 0.01 % of full scale that making them the standard of choice for both ASTM E4 & ISO 7500 Compression field calibrations of Testing Machines.

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently launched a new series of load cells that are not only high-capacity cells but also highly affordable. We have been looking forward to expanding our load cell offerings for quite some time now and we wanted to bring something that the market needs at present. Over time, we have observed that there is an urgent need for budget-friendly high-capacity compression load cells with excellent performance characteristics. Such observations prompted us to bring the ISO 376 Precision Load Cells to support clients with not only a premium quality product but also something that’s a little more comfortable for their pocket”, stated Mr. Zumbrun. 

A major USP that keeps the Morehouse ISO 376 Precision Load Cells ahead of the curve is their intelligent design. These advanced Compression load cells have been strategically designed for reproducibility and stability for calibrating testing machines, in strict compliance with ASTM E4 and ISO 7500 standards. This industry-leading design includes a top adapter and connector protector making the new Morehouse load cells the benchmark for field use load cells. The top block adapter improves load cell performance by maintaining a consistent contact interface. The connector protector prevents the need for costly repairs of completely preventable damage to the connector. 

“Our ISO 376 Precision Load Cells will be your ultimate load cells when you need high accuracy and low measurement with calibrating testing machines. These are compression-only column-type load cells that would be ideal for companies looking for the least possible uncertainties and that too at an economical price. Lower uncertainties- as assured by our new ISO 376 Precision Load Cells- help to ensure less frequent standard charges, fewer standards to maintain equating to less transportation and calibration costs as well.” 

Speaking on, Mr. Zumbrun stressed that their new Precision ISO 376 Compression Load Cell covers a wide range of uses and applications-

  • Field use where transportation of fewer standards can offer handy cost savings
  • ASTM E74 performance: Lower Limit Factor (LLF) better than 0.01 %, Class A better than 4 % of capacity
  • Areas where side-load sensitivity could be critical
  • And more

About Morehouse Instrument Company

Based in Pennsylvania, Morehouse Instrument Company is a legendary name in the scene of manufacture and calibration of torque and force measurement equipment that helps to reduce measurement risk. Backed by a strong legacy of 100+ years of operation, the company extends a wide range of load cells and calibration products at competitive rates. 

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