Recognized by Many Celebs, The Eye Massager E7 Went Famous

You may be out of date if you did not know E7 eye massager, it is all the rage on social media like TikTok and Instagram. Uncounted KOLs wear the eye massager for relieving eye fatigue. Why E7 suddenly stands out and favored by millions of consumers? Is it really one of the best eye massagers in 2022?

The E7 massager is designed by SKG Group, which is an AI-tech driven health unicorn company, specializing in consumer electronics that improving people’s health.

“According to report disclosed by Amazon, 19.79% of eye massagers result in uncomfortableness, 16.86% cause harm to nose/temple area of prolonged use.” Said the product director Jason from SKG group.

“On the other side, there are over 40% adults suffering from myopia, 30% adolescents will get nearsighted eventually, who will be aware of potential problems in their near future. SKG wants to change the situation, let’s put it in this way, we reinvent the eye massager.” 

Quoted from open source, in 2018 SKG gathered a group of team focusing on E7 develop project, including famous iF designers, chief eye doctors and software engineers, and in late 2021 they recruited dozens of volunteers to join blind alpha test. Finally, here it is the E7.

“Firstly, different from other eye massagers or temple massagers, self-adaptive massage dot matrix enables E7 perfectly fitting to most face shapes, and offering precisely massage. Secondly, equipped with 12 independent micro motors and 18 kinds of finger pulp massage techniques, E7 adopts oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging, providing wearer an exceptional experience.” Jason continues raise the question, “Who needs SKG E7 massager?”

Those people like programmers, stock brokers, youtubers and students who needs a lot of close-up work, they may develop myopia or eyesight gets worse. “The key point is to release eye tension, do some eye relaxation, that’s the best treatment for a healthy eye. Reduced eye wrinkle and enhanced eye skin elasticity is another crucial point for ladies. Yes, we are proud to say, E7 massager is born for both.”

Featured with ergonomic design, 4 nano massage heads and full orbital point shock, hot compress area of E7 massager is upgraded by 46% than mainstream’s. That’s why E7 massager is widely recognized by millions of users, it do stimulate the acupuncture points, accelerate blood circulation around the eyes and temple area. Like an anonymous celeb said, “10 minutes a day, no more, it does work. Never have a gadget like SKG E7 could bring my life to a brand new level.”

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