Prelaunch of Holara Flick – The Future of OTT by Flick Entertainment Limited, member of SRAM & MRAM Group

HOLARA FLICK is excited to announce the launch of its OTT streaming platform! The platform allows people to watch content from anywhere at any time using a time-based subscription-based entertainment mode.

United Kingdom – August 17th, 2022 – The HOLARA FLICK Entertainment Limited, UK, a subsidiary of the well-known SRAM & MRAM Group that focuses on agro-products and information technology, with footprints in a variety of services, industries, and business models, including artificial intelligence, neural networks, hedge funds, forex management, hospitality services & solutions, information technology, media & publishing, embedded systems, and infrastructure, is announcing the launch of its OTT streaming platform.

HolaraFlick is the brainchild of Dr.Hemalata Arumugam, the Group CEO of SRAM & MRAM Group, UK. Since 2004, he has produced numerous TV series, travelogues, and documentaries and incorporated Holara Creative Sdn. Bhd. in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In collaboration with SRAM & MRAM Technologies Limited,  Holara Creative Sdn. Bhd. has incorporated Flick Entertainment Limited, UK, and will be launching the HolaraFlick OTT platform soon.

Mr. Murugiah Vellay, the CEO, launched the logo of Holara Flick on August 18, 2022. He stated that “Holara Flick is surely going to be the future of OTT, promoting the Time Rewarded Entertainment concept, which is a time-based subscription. Providing subscriptions as low as $0.01 per minute, Holara Flick will start operating soon in Malaysia, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka before extending to 25 countries across the continent in the next 6 months.”

The SRAM & MRAM Group is the brainchild of Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani and was founded in 1995. Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, a Ph.D. holder in Financial Management from the UK, is a visionary with a steadfast background in financial and risk management in hedge funds and forex management.

Dr. Sailesh Lachu Hiranandani, together with his team of information technology and forex associates, has established what is now, after two decades, a global conglomerate with 8 international alliances, 10 companies, 5 continents, 35+ sites, 300+ workers, and a sales turnaround of USD 800 million with the help of a talented team of information technology and forex colleagues (FY 2017-2018).

SRAM & MRAM Group’s agenda is to serve the world in partnership with farmers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers in processing plants, ports, and packaging facilities, on the trading floor, and on the move—within the economy and across the globe. SRAM & MRAM Group, a UK-Based conglomerate, has invested $100,000,000.00 in 5ire, the fastest growing blockchain unicorn in India and the only sustainable blockchain unicorn in the world, valued at $1.5 billion lately.

SRAM & MRAM Group headquarters are in the United Kingdom, with branch offices in Cambodia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Georgia, India, and Bangladesh.

HolaraFlick, which is a subsidiary of SRAM & MRAM Group, UK based conglomerate, is launching HolaraFlick as the future of OTT soon. That now enables developers to connect, explore, learn, and share experiences as there are more opportunities than ever before to dominate every screen, every new technology, and every market through their OTT streaming.

HOLARA FLICK includes various genres such as FlickWomen, FlickFashion, FlickSeries, FlickCine, FlickFunnies, FlickFears, FlickTimes, FlickDocs, FlickSports, FlickMusic, and FlickNews. Flick Entertainment produces exclusive 4 content for Holara Flick and is open to partnership.

FlickWomen to premier Holara Women Icon, a 100 days 100-women live transformation reality show, specially designed for Non-Executive women in Multinational Corporate Companies. The Grand Finale of the reality show is planned to be on March 8th, 2023, on World Women’s Day.

FlickDocs is a documentary and discovery which discovers the undiscovered to premier The Last Tamil Kingdom. A full-fletch historical documentary focuses on “Padai Veedu” and King Sambuvarayar, who formed a structure with the small land kings (a formidable structural kingdom) and continued the Tamil rule as if it were a historical novelty. The documentaries will be based on true stories and pieces of evidence and will be incorporated with a few scholars’ research as well. The Secret of Sacred Waters and many other documentaries are in the pipeline under FlickDocs.

FlickFunnies premier comedy shows and series, including Stand-Up comedies by millennials for millennials.

FlickSeries premier web series where Mahabharat Decoded, Play Safe, Room to Let, Size Sexy, The War, and Love are the series in the pipeline.

FlickCine premiers Thalapathiyudan Naan talk show, where  Kollywood celebrities share their working experience with leading South Indian Tamil Cinema actor, Vijay, who is known as Thalapathy in the industry.

Remarkably, HOLARA FLICK is doing all it takes to deliver the highest quality services to consumers in the quickest, most effective manner possible. HolaraFlick  also offers free sponsored content for subscribers along with their subscriptions.


HolaraFlick Entertainment Limited, UK, is a subsidiary of SRAM & MRAM Group. Flick Entertainment Limited is having its Asia Pacific HQ based in Menara Exchange 106, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia managed by Holara Creative Sdn Bhd. 

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