Mountain Sports Kingdom to be A Popular Summer Resort

Known as the “Cold City of China”, Liupanshui has triggered a passionate national debate in this scorching summer with tempreture of just 19℃. Liupanshui is a shining pearl inlaid in western Guizhou of China and a city where nature gently placed between mountains and waters. Guizhou province is actually like a kingdom of mountains. “The best mountains of the world locate in Yunnan and Guizhou,” Wang Yangming, a philosopher in the Ming Dynasty once said.

Ice city in south China Huge crowds of people in Yushe Ski Resort

The 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games have fueled a craze for ice and snow activities in China. With a good reputation of the “Ice City of the South”, Liupanshui also promoted winter sports in Southern China. This sports boom has quickly tramsformed into a tourism boom there, thus people tend to choose Liupanshui as their destination for sports and travel.

The 11th Provincial Games in Gguizhou is being held again in Liupanshui from 8th to 18th in August this year. Although now the sports events have changed from skiing into the mountain outdoor sports, the craze for sports still continues. Tourists flocked here for hiking, mountaineering, climbing and racing, enjoying the fun of sports in this summer resort.

Liupanshui has a climate which is cool, comfortable, moist and fresh, and has moderate ultraviolet radiation. The average temperature in summer is 19. 7C and the forest coverage rate is 62%. Awarded the title of “Cold City of China” by the Chinese meteorological society, it is the first city in China to be named after her climate characteristics,and she is also one of the top 10 best summer resort cities in China in 2019.

Why Liupanshui could be so cool in summer? The answer is crustal movement. Used to be a mighty ocean hundreds of millions of years ago, this area rose when the Indian Ocean plate collides with the Asia-Europe plate, thus becoming a part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. Located at the transition area of Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Liupanshui enjoys a climate of more clouds and less sunshine due to its high altitude. There are more than 230 cloudy days a year, which brings down the temperature in summer and autumn. Mountain tourism is the most valuable homesickness and wealth in Liupanshui. Waterfalls, karst caves, canyons, forests, lakes and hot springs can be found everywhere. Everywhere is scenery, with magnificent mountains, moving waters, pretty valleys, beautiful rocks and nature bestows.

As sweltering heatwaves hit many regions of the country, Liupanshui has become many people’s first choice to escape heat.

“Being granted the title of ‘The Cool City in China’, Liupanshui is definitely worthy of its reputaiton”, said “Brother Li” from Jilin province, who is an enthusiast of RV travel. Driving to Liupanshui recently, he was full of praise for its cool weather.

“We could go hiking and climbing besides RV travel”, he said, and a growing number of tourists join his team.

“Not only can we feel so cool and enjoy the beautiful scenery here, the local people are also quite warm and simple”, he even becomes a tourism promotion ambassador to recommend this place to tourists of the country through live streaming via online video platform TikTok. Within just a few days, the number of followers increased by more than 6,000 and 95000 people liked it. Videos about sports tourism in Liupanshui have been viewed more than 10 million times

“We feel very comfortable to climb in Yuezhao in Liupanshui and the tempreture is quite suitable. Now many foreigners also regard here as their first destination for climbing in China. Yuezhao is becoming more and more popular in our circle”,  Wei Jiarao, an avid rock climber told.

“It is our first time to experience the camping base in this place. Youngsters prefer to embrace nature in its original form, which could make our whole body and mind relax”, said Yang Zutao, a young singer in Guizhou.

“Our tourism developed rapidly and high-end hotels are so hard to book now”, said Jin Ruyu, the director of Shuicheng County’s Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Tourism and Sports. As the representative of sub-plateau climate and mountain outdoor sports tourism resources, Shuicheng is a place full of sights such as Yeyuhai, Beipanjiang River, Baiche River and Dripping Rock. “No matter the hotels in the city or boutique homestays in those scenic areas, tourist should book one week in advance”, Jin said.

“We can try ice activities in Liupanshui now, and the icy fun is no longer exclusive to people in China’s colder northern provinces. More people began to show an interest in ice and snow sports”, Li Gang, the head of Liupanshui spoke highly of its sports tourism development. “Our city plans to transform such ‘cold resouces’ into the ‘hot effect’”, he said.

Liupanshui zeros on developing and improving mountain outdoor sports programs such as marathon, camping, climbing, skiing, water paragliding,all terrain bicycle and extreme sports, thereby combining sports with tourism to make the cold city a destination for summer resort and outdoor sports.

From the “green corridor” to “cool summer and outdoor sports corridor” in the mountain, with advantages in its environment and outdoor sports, Liupanshui is transforming into an economic highland of escaping heat. (xiaosheng zhang)

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