Sruti Dalmia Launches Ethical Designer Wear Brand for Women

Women’s wear brand, Sruti Dalmia is championing sustainable fashion in the designer clothing industry.

Sruti Dalma has launched her eponymous label that pays homage to her Indian roots while blending it with imageries of a universal appeal. The emerging designer announced her presence on the global front using her Autumn/Winter collection at the 2021 London Fashion Week. 

Born into a Bengali family in Kolkata, Sruti takes cues from the daily imagery of her life spent in India, England, Singapore and Myanmar, and has efficiently translated her experience of living across the world into her brand vision. Her city of birth, her hometown, Kolkata serves as a ubiquitous, ever-flowing source of inspiration. From its love for rich silks, to its preference for exclusive prints and signature puffed-sleeves, the poetic imagery of the city is intertwined into her designs.


Sruti Dalmia takes pride in promoting ethical fashion that still stays true to the premium quality expected of luxury wears. The brand partners with weavers and craftsmen from North-East India and South-East Asia. This is in addition to the fact that 70 percent of its workforce is comprised of women weavers from remote villages. In its promotion of sustainable fashion, Sruti Dalmia has further partnered with two upcycling centers in India. This innovative partnership reduces waste as every of its fabric waste is reintroduced into future collections as new yarn. Moreover, the brand is partial to the preorder model which tends to significantly reduce overproduction.

A glance at the Sruti Dalmia’s inventory will reveal finished products like luxury dresses, tops, bottoms, and resort wears that stay true to the ethical spirit of the brand. Sruti describes her brand as having a having “an effortless minimalism and ecological consciousness that is targeted at a global audience.”

Ever since her arrival on the fashion scene, Sruti Dalmia has been featured in several illustrious publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Indian Express, and Marie Claire. She has also been nominated for Grazia Young Fashion Designer Award 2021.  

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