Pangea Technologies Offers Standard Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Pangea Technologies, a quality-driven product engineering, and manufacturing company, offers sheet metal fabrication services.

Companies and organizations that deal in engineering projects involving metal, plastic, and other mechanical or electrical materials require the services of trusted distributors. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, USA, Pangea Technologies, a leading custom manufacturing company, provides mechanical and electrical parts and assemblies. The company has its manufacturing facility in India and has been providing various organizations with quality and standard products. Its goal as a success-driven company is to offer the best-in-class quality processes with warehousing and design. Through this, they believe they would be able to break the barriers attached to global manufacturing. They are also a customer-focused company and provide all customers with excellent services. Thus, their services include engineering simulation, prototyping, value engineering, industrial design, real-time monitoring, analytics, mobility software solutions, induction heating, LED lighting, high-speed design, and circuit simulations.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Pangea Technologies commented, “We are dedicated to providing our customers with unmatched services. We offer competitive pricing, on-site quality & engineering support, design & manufacturability support, and many more. Through our team of electromechanical manufacturing professionals, we can provide our clients with their exact needs. In the industry where we serve, we have many years experience as custom manufacturers. We are also committed to improving our services regularly and can provide prompt industrial solutions when contacted. We are available and ever ready to meet your needs!”

Pangea Technologies provides a wide range of services and solutions. These include mechanical design services, IoT solutions, power electronics, application development, cloud engineering, and embedded hardware. Through their manufacturing solutions, they provide customers with CNC machined parts, including turning, milling, drilling, and tooling, which includes injection molds. Others include metal stamped parts, metal castings (die casting and investment casting), injection molded parts, thermoformed parts, for example, hydroponic trays, and sheet metal fabrication. Their sheet metal fabrication bend service involves sheet cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, and plasma cutting. The sheet metal fabrication procedure deals with the formation of metal sheets to a required shape or form by employing various manufacturing methods. Organizations in need of fabrication quotes can send their CAD files and rest assured to receive prompt and standard free shipping services.

The spokesperson added, “Sheet metal forming is when the final shape of a part is produced from a flattened metal sheet. When it comes to sheet metal forming, it involves using a flattened metal sheet to build the final shape of a part. The shape is made through plastic deformation, and this process does not require machining. Industries such as the aircraft, automotive, and home appliance industries apply sheet metal forming in their operations. From car bodies to soda cans, sheet metal forming is applied to give the final shape to a part.”

At Pangea Technologies, there are three categories of sheet metal forming processes. These include cutting, bending, and drawing. For a trusted sheet metal fabrication service, organizations can reach out to Pangea Technologies.

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Pangea Technologies is a reputable product engineering and manufacturing company committed to providing solution-oriented services.

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