The Hatters and the Nice Old Lady Gives a Sneak Peek Into the Life of One Football Fan

The Hatters and the Nice Old Lady Gives a Sneak Peek Into the Life of One Football Fan
A football fan reminisces about how football made a huge impact on his life.

August 18, 2022 – “The Hatters and the Nice Old Lady” is an autobiography by Anthony Rubin in which he gives readers a sneak peek into his life as a football fan. From his childhood to his early twenties, Rubin details the experiences that changed his life.

He talks about how he fell in love with the sport, attending his first football match, and how it was difficult connecting with his father over the sport because his father preferred boxing.

Some of the events that made a significant difference in his life include the Italian Torino football team’s plane crash (1949) which happened to be the year that he attended his first football match, the 90th Anniversary of the FA match between England and the rest of Europe at Wembley (1953), meeting a renowned Italian footballer in Sestriere (1957), the World Cup in England (1966), the Heysel stadium disaster (1985), the Luton’s Littlewoods Cup victory over Arsenal (1988), and Italia 90 (1990).

“Football has played a significant role in my life. Through sports, I felt alive. I still do. I’m still just as passionate about football as I was in my youth. It’s a part of me and it will always stay a part of me. I wrote this book so that people like me could relate to my experiences and reminisce all the good times football has brought in their lives,” commented Rubin, talking about how football is a huge part of his life and how he wants readers to live his experiences through the book.

Rubin also talks about the types of sports he played while attending different schools and clubs. But his love for football didn’t diminish, even though he found out he wasn’t very good at it.

The book further explores the friendships he built and the people he met who were avid fans like himself or involved in the professional game of football. The result was a passion for not only Luton Town, but Juventus in Italy and OGC Nice in France.

The book will soon be available on Amazon and Kindle.

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