Solar Panel Reviews Website Tops Three Million Visitors Annually

Review Best Solar offers a website that identifies the cost of installing solar panels for homes based on their zip code. The pricing tool compares the prices of panels from solar providers nearby after calculating the solar system the home needs.

Review Best Solar is pleased to announce that the website is recognized as the most accurate solar calculator around. In addition to accuracy in identifying the need for adequate solar panel equipment for a specific household anywhere in the United States, the site provides information about the cost of nearby dealers and equipment with the best solar panel reviews. The factors utilized to calculate the cost of solar installation include location, electric usage, and prices of the top-rated solar companies nearby.

The website produces an independent solar savings analysis. The calculation engine was created with funds from the Department of Energy. The calculation is audited to ensure that the calculations are correct. More than three million visitors visit the website annually to learn more about the costs and benefits of solar panels and systems.

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The factors which are used to come up with an accurate report include how many solar panels are required to power the customer’s home, how many square feet of suitable roof space are needed, how many solar panels will fit on the roof and where they will be placed, and how much energy will be produced by the solar panels installed on the roof. The report offers an estimate of how much solar panel installation will save on the cost of electricity. Finally, the report provides a likely payback period for the specific home solar system.

The estimated cost of the solar panels for a specific house will be based on the average solar system cost in the area. As an option, the pricing tool compares specific offers from up to four pre-screened solar companies in the area. The accuracy of Review Best Solar’s calculations is trusted by the top solar organizations in America.

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Review Best Solar is recognized as the top solar savings calculator in the country. The comprehensive report identifies the requirements and costs of a solar system.


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