DFreight releases a new digital platform to streamline the freight forwarding industry in the UAE

In order to address the frustrating pain points in traditional freight forwarding, DFreight has created an easy-to-use, AI-powered digital solution that helps companies manage their shipments in a much easier and more efficient way.

Among all the industries worldwide, freight forwarding has still been resistant for years to digital transformation leading to a lack of transparency and reliability in global shipping. That’s been the great motive for the shipping experts at DFreight to launch their cutting-edge digital solution in the UAE. It is an all-inclusive AI-powered platform that provides the ultimate customer experience with self-service order handling and live tracking of all shipments in one single place.

The digital freight forwarding platform, which has been developed for months, helps business shippers feel a sigh of relief by getting rid of all the complications and confusions associated with trade and global shipping to bring efficiency to various layers of their supply chain management.

The platform offers a variety of services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business and to provide a secure and efficient way to ship diverse commodities.

DFreight’s digital solution offers a myriad of advantages to companies that are seeking ways to streamline their shipping and logistics operations:

1. Increased Efficiency: It can help to increase the efficiency of freight forwarding operations by automating many of the tasks involved in the process. This can free up time for companies’ staff to focus on other tasks and can help to improve the overall efficiency of their business.

2. Cost Savings: The platform can help companies save money in a number of ways. Automating tasks can help reduce the overall cost of operations, and can also help improve the bottom line. Furthermore, DFreight’s team believes that the increased visibility of the freight forwarding operation can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Improved Customer Service: By helping businesses manage all their shipments in one single place, DFreight’s digital platform can significantly help to improve customer service. The platform includes features such as tracking and tracing, automated documentation, and real-time updates on the status of shipments, all leading to a better customer experience and enhanced customer service.

4. Increased Visibility: By providing a central location for all freight forwarding information, DFreight can make it easier for customers to find the information they need. This information can be used to make better decisions about shipping routes and schedules, helping to improve communication with customers, as they can be provided with more accurate information about when their shipments will arrive.

For placing an order, the user is simply supposed to submit an online inquiry to ship items from/to the UAE. Then, they will be offered proposals with different scheduling and pricing conditions based on the specific requirements they have… We have also created an online communication center to help users contact any active sales reps for further consultation. We have also helped businesses get rid of all the laborious customs paperwork to direct their energy and resources to their core business activities. In addition, while the operation starts, customers can simply use the online 24/7 track and trace service to get constantly notified of the status of their shipment. That’s something that means a lot to most shippers nowadays. 

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As the pioneer of digital freight forwarding services in the whole region, DFreight has succeeded in creating a unique, transparent, and convenient way to ship freight worldwide using a state-of-the-art digital platform. Besides, it has managed to offer more competitive rates by leveraging the latest technology to optimize logistics operations.

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