A Revolutionary New Program That Promises Type 2 Diabetes Reversal

The virtual program that reverses Type 2 Diabetes through Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics and Functional Medicine

Type 2 Diabetes currently affects about 462 million individuals worldwide, a number that represents 6.28% of the human population. These people are expected to live with this condition for the rest of their lives as it is presumed to be a chronic condition. Still, all hope is not lost as recent research has revealed that individuals with Type 2 Diabetes can return their glucose levels to non-diabetes level (total remission and total reversal). But accomplishing this feat requires a lot of analysis that most physicians don’t have time for. Dr. Vanessa Nortey has however come up with a revolutionary program that promises to reverse Type 2 Diabetes using proven steps.  

Dr. Vanessa Danso-Nortey is the founder of the Sugar ScoopOut™ Masterclass, a revolutionary program that aims to guide people on their health transformation journey to effectively lower their A1C and glucose levels. The Sugar ScoopOut™ program that focusses on Type 2 Diabetes reversal comes with a highly tailored 3-step system that takes out the guesswork commonly found in other treatment, nutrition and exercise plans.

Dr. Vanessa Nortey brings a wealth of experience from her career to this program. She completed her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences, has a Masters and Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, and completed her post-doctorate training in Functional Medicine Blood Chemistry & Nutrigenetic/Nutrigenomic Analysis.

She is passionate about solving the underlying causes of dysfunctional glucose regulation through Functional Medicine, using a systems-oriented approach that involves both the patient and practitioner. Through this innovative method, she has been able to help thousands of women lower their elevated A1C and glucose levels.

In the Sugar ScoopOut™ masterclass, Dr. Nortey promises to share information on:

–  Why sugar is “innocent” in the erratic glucose story
–  Why generic nutrition advice takes many women three steps back instead of two steps forward
–  Why doing long hours of cardio often backfires and what to do instead
–  Why avoiding trips to the pharmacy may be a solution to lowering sugar levels
–  Why a giant solution to solving the raised sugar levels is stored in a tiny package (and it’s not what one thinks)

Interested persons are encouraged to register for the masterclass here. To keep up with Dr. Nortey, please follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels.

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