Digital Agency KlickSense Unpacks The Key Insights & Trends Affecting Small Businesses

The current business landscape has proved trickier than those of the past, but leading digital marketing agency, KlickSense weighs in on key insights and trends affecting small businesses in 2022 and beyond.

The post-pandemic era hasn’t exactly been a businessman’s ideal climate. With the rising recession and costs of everything (including running a business) going up, small businesses need to get creative about how they are going to remain afloat or be successful at a time where the only certain thing is uncertainty. 

Global digital marketing agency, KlickSense, shared its take on current trends driving the business landscape. Small business owners might want to take note before making any drastic changes – especially in the marketing department. 

Digital Transformation Is Leading The Pack

No matter the industry, niche, or audience, digitisation is making huge waves on a global scale. And it’s here to stay. Digital tools are helping both organisations and consumers – enjoy the convenience and simplicity that digital tools bring to many offerings. Think: online shopping.

For the most part, digital transformation has streamlined many mundane, manual processes. Who doesn’t love automation? Small business leaders surely do. According to GoTo’s survey: Insights from 1,000 business and IT leaders, 33% of them plan to upgrade their help desk tools in 2022. In many cases, these solutions also result in saving costs. So hesitant business owners who are still holding on to old-school methods should consider jumping onto this bandwagon. 

KlickSense CEO and Head Strategist, Henri Scott says, “We are familiar with business owners showing hesitancy to invest in digital marketing efforts., some online presence will ALWAYS be better than none.”

Savvy-Thinking Will Keep Consumers Coming Back For More

Economic conditions naturally impact every business landscape. 

Within the marketing context, this may directly impact it since, oftentimes, when businesses face financial turmoil, the marketing department is the first to face cuts or total halts in activity. Since digitisation is playing such a major role in the Covid-19 era (and beyond), small business leaders are encouraged to remain as invested – if not more – in digital marketing efforts. Brand awareness remains a critical power move for businesses today. 

Brand Awareness For The Win

Many small businesses are waking up to the strength that lies in digital engagement. In fact, a Deloitte survey revealed that 38% of small businesses cited increased sales and revenue as a benefit associated with using digital tools. And they’re prioritising brand promotion and expanding market reach. Interestingly enough, female-owned SMB’s are more likely to be digitally engaged than their male counterparts and more likely to see increased sales as the top benefit resulting from the utilisation of digital tools. 

Consumers Will Support “Woke” Companies

Consumer behaviour today is a far cry from what it was a decade (or even a pandemic) ago. Now purchases are as driven by a company’s values as service offerings. The “woke” movement prevails. “Woke” is millennial-speak for being aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues. For instance, when companies are inclusive, give back to the community, or environmentally conscious, they might be considered woke. 

No matter the label, there’s increased value placed on sustainability and overall being more ethical. A 2022 Deloitte study on how consumers are embracing sustainability revealed that 40% of consumers chose brands that have environmentally sustainable practices/values, 37% chose brands that have ethical practices/values, and 34% stopped purchasing certain brands or products because they had ethical or sustainability-related concerns about them. More good news for small business owners is that this also means people who are driven by these considerations are more likely to support local, small businesses. 

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