Becoming A Hero released their new single ‘Antisocial’ on July 29, 2022, celebrating one’s journey from the depths of space to Earth

“Mars was so windy, she could barely stand. The sand storm so strong, it hurt to open her tear-filled eyes. Her hair tangled, lips covered in dust, yet as the film crew launched on its way back to Earth, there were smiles on every face,” recalls one of the mission’s members.

On July 29, 2022, exactly 64 years after NASA was established in 1958, Becoming A Hero released their new single ‘Antisocial’ and a music video for it. Why was it on this day? A big fan of science and physics, the vocalist Lera Heroine wanted to honor such a hugely historical event with a release celebrating one’s journey from the depths of space to Earth. Each of us, at least once, has faced feelings of societal rejection, felt misunderstood, abandoned or forsaken just because they’re different from others.

Aliens among us. “Aliens are not fairy tales. They’re not fiction. They live among us, trying to make a human connection. We’re all in this together, trying to fix our DNA errors, left to be lonely. This song reaches out, begging us to accept each other for who we really are. We are perfectly broken, beautifully strange. Antisocial,” Lera says. “Our new single is not only about aliens as in weird-creatures-from-outer-space aliens. It’s also about aliens as in foreigners-in-a-new-country aliens. Moving to a different place might bring you to experience cultural shock. Sometimes it feels like your alien ship has crashed on Earth, everyone around looks distant and cold. But as soon as you get to know them better, you see they are just like you. Everyone is an alien in their own way, wanting to be accepted.”

Emo asteroid impacts Earth! Lera’s favorite genre of music, emo has always inspired her to write about something that matters most. Her story. Stories of others. How personalities develop. A neverending battle of light and dark where the light always wins.

It seems like everyone is back to being emo again. But these guys never even stopped. Emo then, emo now. Becoming A Hero is a post-hardcore and pop punk band based in Hollywood, CA. Sweet melodies and Drop C riffs are all you need, and they give it all to you. Sad boys and sad girls, crying together in an unfair world.

Becoming A Hero. Lera Heroine was born into a family of musicians, a family broken in her youth, leaving her with little choice but to find her own way. She studied hard attaining two degrees, has worked as a journalist and an actress, but always wanted more. Music! Music was her escape, her dream, her one true love. Lera sacrificed everything to feel it in her veins. Success in Europe and Asia came quickly, playing stadiums and tours. Something was still missing. She left it all behind to follow her calling. Across the ocean, her heart led her to Los Angeles. ‘Becoming A Hero’ was reborn. A party favorite, a Viper Room resident, fans are already singing along from the Valley to the beaches. The band is fierce, intimidating, luscious. The audience bounces and thrashes, proud in their emo revival. Heroine finds her best self here. Writing, recording, and performing the band’s new album, to be released in the summer of 2023. The first single is now available on all platforms. A story about an alien girl, here on Earth, ‘Antisocial.’

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