Nagler Foot Center Offers the Highest Quality Achilles tendon Treatment

Nagler Foot Center is a clinic that is always committed to providing their patients with the highest quality foot and ankle treatment. They treat hammertoes, warts, bunions, ingrown toenails, calluses, heel pain, and more every day. Most podiatrists at this clinic are renowned surgeons with years of experience as a podiatrist. They are all qualified doctors who take pride in their patients’ well being and make their visits to the clinic pleasant. With years of experience in the field, no pediatric foot disorder is too complex for them to handle, and thus, expect the highest level of expertise and care from them.

The company spokesperson said, “It is always important to make an appointment with a podiatrist even if one thinks that they have a minor foot ailment. Delaying a little problem might cause it to grow, which will cost more time, money, and attention to fix. So, if one is experiencing discomfort in their feet, ankle, or toes, they should consider getting the right care from the best podiatrist.”

Typically, the vital part of a foot is the Achilles tendon, and it is located just behind and above the heel, which joins the heel bone or calcareous with the back of the calf muscle. It is responsible for downward movement or plantar flexion of the foot. This suggests that a partial or complete rupture can interrupt the natural connection between the calf muscle and anklebone, which can cause severe pain. In case one experiences such an event, there is no need for them to panic as Nagler Foot Center has the top podiatrists in Houston who can handle any issues related to the Achilles tendon. They also have a state-of-the-art facility that treats Achilles tendon issues.

The company spokesperson added, “If one can’t find a suitable podiatrist for themselves, then we recommend that they visit us and have a look at our services. Being the best podiatrist in Houston, we make sure to provide all of our customers with equal and reasonable treatment options. All one has to do is give us a call and discuss any or all questions they might have.”

Dr. Nagler is also one of the best surgeons in repairing the Achilles tendon, with years of expertise. He is a board-certified surgeon with the American Board of Podiatry Surgery. Typically, he serves as a mentor to many podiatrists and has made remarkable achievements in the field of podiatry. So, with him at Nagler Foot Center, clients are assured of nothing but an Achilles tendon surgery that is successful. If another podiatrist at this clinic performs the client’s surgery, He/ she will still be given the very best of care.  All surgical procedures at this clinic are under the tight supervision and guidance of Dr. Sherman Nagler. So, call now to schedule an appointment with this clinic and even get to know more about Achilles tendon repair cost in Houston.

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Nagler Foot Center is a clinic made up of foot specialists who specialize in all types of foot problems and take pride in providing their patients with a comfortable experience. Those looking for a reliable foot doctor in Houston can visit this clinic.

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