Young men’s global mental health & masculinity crisis: Australian startup Dauntless Code’s innovative solution.

Young men (15-25 year olds) are battling more mental health disorders and are less masculine now, than at any time in history. Dauntless Code is tackling this issue head on by building a support network on popular platform Discord, alongside a powerful twelve-week online transformation program.

“Dauntless Code is an online Australian startup, launched in August 2022” said Josh Wyder, Dauntless Code’s twenty-two year old founder. “My own story is what inspired this whole thing…over the past couple of years I reflected on what changed my life when I was struggling with mental health issues and it all fell into place when I realised I’m in a position now to help others, help the person I used to be” 

Dauntless Code is leading the way in supporting and educating young men on developing & ‘upgrading’ their minds, building & looking after their physical bodies and taking back control of their lives, overcoming depression and embracing their masculinity to transform into honourable, confident and capable leaders, treating each other, their elders and women alike with respect”

“I think that right now, we are in the middle of a mental health & masculinity crisis” Josh continues, “even talking about masculinity now is ‘controversial’, because our society has been brainwashed to fear it! – masculinity isn’t toxic, it’s absolutely essential for men to embrace it to be able to lead happy and fulfilling lives.”

Dauntless Code rejects the idea of ‘toxic masculinity’ quoting that “it isn’t toxic; there are men who are toxic, just as there are women who are toxic, it’s really nothing to do with an entire gender, there are just toxic people.”

Instead, it educates young men on ‘genuine masculinity’, encouraging and providing an example of quality values and beliefs such as being humble, noble and honourable, creative and compassionate and instilling strong worth ethic as the basis for building the mind, the body and taking responsibility for actions and situations in life. 

The statistics are alarming:

Mental ill-health remains high among Australian men, with up to 25% experiencing a diagnosed mental health disorder in their lifetime, and 15% experiencing a disorder in a 12-month period.

In high-income countries, three times as many men as women die by suicide, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report from 2018.

“Most of the information and statistics published cite that they believe that old ‘gender stereotypes’ are to blame for men not seeking help or struggling silently, however I believe that the root of this crisis actually stems from the confusion around masculinity itself, with young men more confused in the world than ever before, they’re less in touch with their instincts and rejecting what they know to be right, instead being told by society they are ‘unworthy’ and that just by being male, they are ‘toxic’ “ said Josh. 

Furthermore, the statistics show that men’s average testosterone levels have dropped by 1% yearly since 1980.

Dauntless Code’s founder Josh’s transformation began when he started training in the gym, which led to his entry into the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. “I’ve been in the industry now for about seven years” says Josh, “I’ve run thousands of classes and worked with countless people at this point from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, but when I realised that I’m essentially the most qualified to help the person who I used to be, it was just natural to build out the ‘code’ and help young men around the world using the same system and steps that I took to change own life.”

Dauntless Code offers an online twelve-week transformation which includes a comprehensive education platform, weekly social & actionable challenges, a complete power-building training program, weekly coaching calls and access to members only channels in the discord server. 

Josh explains, “when I was going through my own struggles, the biggest thing I could have asked for would have been a support network of others in the same demographic as me”

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