The Wav Room presents music and artwork in soundwave art prints and handcrafted frames.

“Art for the wavemaker. Let your walls speak, let your walls sing. Make waves in your space.”

Art is a powerful expression that gives people infinite room for appreciation. Art is more than just material things; it is deeply embedded in everything people experience daily. Music is an art form that is universally appreciated, and The Wav Room combines music and artwork to create innovative pieces.

The Wav Room is an art brand that creates artwork for creatives, innovators, and music lovers. The brand was founded in 2019 as a creative escape for the founders, who quickly began combining their passion for music and art into soundwave art from their favorite musical works. The team of wavemakers at The Wav Room is committed to bringing in a new appreciation for art and music. “We make soundwave artwork representing that special album you couldn’t take off repeat. Artwork of songs you made memories to.”

The Wav Room has partnered with various artists, including Australia’s ‘Chase Atlantic’ for an exclusive soundwave poster release. The ‘Beauty in Death’ poster has received praise for its impressive quality and artistic value. The Wav Room has also partnered with other artists like Blackbear, Col3trane, Cal Scruby, and Always Never for collaborative soundwave prints

As more people learn about the brand’s unique soundwave posters, more artist collaborations are lined up, including custom designs requested by people for their homes and as gift items. Team members at The Wav Room get to select the albums to be made into soundwave art based on user recommendations. The Wav Room invites suggestions from the public, which can be shared through the brand’s social media platforms or website.

For custom designs, users get to use the brand’s custom poster designer to design a unique poster from any artist or album they prefer. “The mission of The Wav Room is to provide you with unique, handcrafted soundwave prints to elevate your space and properly represent your love for your favorite musical works of art.”

In addition to being a unique artistic expression, these soundwave art prints and handcrafted frames, made from hardwood, are affordable without compromising quality, making them perfect gift items. The posters are professionally printed on premium 250gsm industry poster paper. It also has an anti-glare finish and ColorSeal premium inks to ensure the quality of the art prints – the poster’s color palette is extracted from the album’s original artwork. The prints also include a glass front which makes the poster ready for display as soon as it arrives.

People can order their favorite soundwave art prints on the brand’s website. Deliveries are fast, and the orders are packaged very safely with protective layers to ensure safe arrival. Framed posters are wrapped in plastic, bubble wrap, and corner guards, while regular posters come in a sturdy kraft shipping tube.

The fast-paced world barely allows enough time for people to settle into one thing before a new trend has come up. In a world with so many distractions, especially the music scene, The Wav Room is helping people immortalize their memories and favorite musical works of art.

Visit The Wav Room to place an order on unique soundwave art prints.

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