How Toupees and Hair Replacement Systems are Distinct from One Another

How Toupees and Hair Replacement Systems are Distinct from One Another
Hollywood Lace, a leading provider of hair replacement systems, has announced that it would no longer employ toupees but rather stick to hair systems and hair replacement systems with an exclusive discount of 25% off anyone’s initial purchase.

When one think of a Men’s Toupee, they envision a heavy-density Wig. In the old days, that was what was available. This was because the materials and techniques to make a more natural Toupee were not yet available or the standard. The Hair Club and other Toupee manufacturers used thick welded monofilament and trip knotting. The result was, in many cases, a very detectable Men’s Hair Topper. Therefore, the branded word Toupee was associated with this non-perfect look.

Fortunately, the time has changed! The “toupees” are now made with the latest undetectable lace, skin, or silicone materials. The innovation in production combined with newer techniques such as knot bleaching, color capping, and transitional density ventilation has made for genuinely natural-looking toupees for men.

Hollywood Lace has been the world’s leader in innovation for the old toupee industry. Hollywood Lace was rated#1 most natural Hair System by Mitchell Hair Productions. William Richter says, “We never much use the name Toupee any longer due to the association with the old quality. We now refer to everything as Hair Systems and Hair Replacement Systems. Because they indeed are a world different from the old toupees of the past. These new Hair Systems offer a Truly Undetectable and natural appearance. The hairlines with our Custom or Stock Hair Systems are 100% Undetectable.”

So, say goodbye to the old days of Toupees, and if one seeks one of the most natural Hair Replacement Systems in the world, visit Hollywood Lace. One can use Coupon Code PR25 to get 25% off their first order.

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