Toraphene Launches World’s First Nanotech-Enhanced, Home-Compostable Food Waste Liner in the UK.

The UK-based biotech startup Toraphene has launched a uniquely-enhanced, home-compostable food waste liner in the UK Market.

Using nanomaterials, proprietary nanotechnology methods, and patented IP to significantly increase the strength, durability and barrier properties of polymers, this new food waste liner represents a significant evolution in the sustainability of consumer packaging. This is the first product in this category that is commercially-viable, an advancement in sustainability that will have global impact –made possible by the company’s breakthrough technological innovations.

These are the first home-compostable bags ever made utilizing a nano-engineered bio-polymer composite, providing greater strength and a barrier that hinders smelly sludge generated inside the bag from leaking out into the bin itself, eliminating the need to wash out and disinfect the bins each time it is emptied. 

The material has been confirmed food safe and tested to meet home compostability standards by TUV Austria, the leading certification agency in Europe. It has also been tested and demonstrated to be significantly stronger in tear strength and barrier quality against current comparable home compostable and biodegradable products.

A commercially viable plastic alternative 

Perhaps the most important aspect of the invention is its economic viability. While other bioplastics have boasted environmental sustainability credentials, high costs continue to constrain potential in replacing virgin plastics.

“Bioplastics very generally cost three times the price of plastics due to the current lack of the scale economics of production at this time. We expect this to rapidly improve compared to plastic over the next few years,” explains Juliussen from Toraphene.

5 Fun Facts about Graphene the “Wonder Material”

– The inventors of graphene won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2010.

– Graphene is a natural crystal of carbon. As one of the great discoveries of this century, it is hailed as a wonder material with the potential to revolutionize many industries. 

– Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, lighter than aluminum, 25 percent stretchable, impenetrable by any other molecule, and is thinner and more conductive than any other material. 

– In the simplest terms, graphene is carbon arranged in a hexagonal structure.

– Our graphene is produced with the lowest greenhouse gas footprint in the industry and, because the concentration is so low, the largest contributor in Toraphene is by far the biopolymers.

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