BEST Inc. Provides Excellent PCB and BGA Services

BEST Inc., a leading electronics company, provides PCB and BGA rework & harvesting services.

With expert electronic technicians, companies can have their devices and equipment function better. BEST Inc. is an electronics service company specializing in PCB rework, repair & assembly, BGA reworks, solder training & certification, and solder training tools. The company has been in the electronics business for years, and with its team of electronics experts, they provide clients and customers with industry-standard services. They are committed to providing services that are in line with the needs of their customers and provide them with innovative solutions where necessary. Part of their services is to supply customers and clients with quality PCB rework/repair and electronics assembly tools, and they ensure to offer the best products available in the market. More so, they have IPC trainers who are well-experienced and provide trainees with the skills they need to succeed in the industry. Some of their commonly known PCB and soldering services include electronic x-ray sorting, LGA reworks, QFN reworks, PCB reworks, and BGA reballing services.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of BEST Inc. commented, “We are quick to provide our clients with effective solutions for their electronics problems. Our services are of top quality, and we do our best to always improve our procedures at every point in time. In our team, we have trained and IPC-certified soldering technicians who have the skills to handle complex and sophisticated BGA repair/reballing processes and can guarantee customers of exceptional work. We also provide certification courses for technicians from other electronics companies, and we are well-equipped to provide them with the best class experience.”

BEST Inc. offers printed circuit board services handled by professionals with years of experience. Their rework procedures are done carefully and with no delay. With their tools and state-of-the-art equipment, they provide high-quality rework and repair services also for Ball Grid Array (BGA). BGAs usually require rework services regularly, and this could be as a result of scratched or contaminated gold fingers. When the plating of a BGA is worn out, they also require re-plating, and at BEST Inc., their electroplating procedures are trusted, and customers can be sure to have their damaged contacts fully restored and appear new. Companies that would like to hire their BGA rework service can contact them through their phone line.

The spokesperson added, “At BGA sites, some of the challenges faced include missing BGA pads and damaged BGA pads. To fix or repair this would require the expertise of an IPC technician, as the process would first begin with repairing the lifted solder pads. The reason for this is to prevent solder from flowing down the vias at the time of the BGA pad replacement procedure. With our IPC-certified technicians who are renowned experts in BGA rework and x-ray combined with our advanced rework equipment, we provide clients with services beyond their expectations.”

At BEST Inc., their BGA rework and repair services include mask repair, BGA salvaging, BGA pad repair, trace repair, BGA underfill, circuit design changes, and replacement. Customers can also be sure to get quality printed circuit board repair services from the electronics company.

About BEST Inc.:

BEST Inc. is a leading electronics company that specializes in PCB repairs, solder training & tools, and BGA harvesting services.

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