Lew Weiss, President of All Metals & Forge Group Celebrates Renewal of ISO9001 and AS9100

Lew Weiss, President of All Metals & Forge Group Celebrates Renewal of ISO9001 and AS9100

All Metals & Forge Group (AMFG), a producer of open die forgings, seamless and contoured rolled rings since 1994, recently announced the successful 28th Perry Johnson ISO9001 and AS9100 audit. Lew Weiss, President noted “We passed with flying colors with no minors nor majors. Our auditor mentioned we have better systems than some of his other manufacturing clients. A special thanks to everyone on our Quality Management System team. Not only is this for the benefit of our clients but it is also for AMFG, keeping us at a high level of efficiency, manufacturing processing, and document management.”

All Metals & Forge Group was one of the first companies in its industry to obtain an ISO Certificate of Registration since the company’s founding in 1972. All Metals & Forge Group maintains one of the most stringent quality processes and standards in the industry to ensure that our customers receive the finest forged material with the tightest tolerances in exactly the condition that best suits their finish machining needs. Contact Weiss at 973-276-5000 or Follow on Twitter at @Allmetals_forge. Contact at laweiss@steelforge.com

Originally founded by Perry L. Johnson in 1994, Perry Johnson Registrars has been at the forefront of the international certification and registration industry from the very beginning. Johnson, having seen the impact of ISO certification on industry in Europe, was inspired to bring those now-ubiquitous standards to the United States.

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