AirBox Technologies Launches new AirBox Home app OTP delivery feature

AirBox Home creates a secure endpoint for contactless delivery anywhere in the world.

AirBox Technologies announced their new AirBox Home Sharing app features, that is being released LIVE in the Google® Play and Apple® Store as a free download beginning September 6th, 2022.

The NEW AirBox Home app features finally open the “DOOR” to allow box owners to:

  • Create OTP you can share with a third party.

  • Set OTP expiration timeframes.

  • Tag OTP with the time of purchasing order details.

  • Order Pre-Installed Ring Mailbox Sensor for Alexa notifications

One-time-password AirBox Home feature.

Users can create an OTP link that can be shared with a third party, family, friends, or delivery drivers to allow access to  AirBox Deep hardware. AirBox owners now can choose “Sharing” in the AirBox Home app. The “sharing” feature creates a one-time-password link the box owner sends over SMS, with optional expiration timeframe options ranging from 5 mins to 30 days.  

Pre-Installed Ring Mailbox Sensor.

AirBox Deep units come pre-installed with Ring Mailbox Sensors.  This new feature alerts the owner to motion from opening and closing the lid of the AirBox. The Ring Mailbox sensors also fully integrate with Alexa.  

Check out the AirBox Home app on Google Play and Apple Store. 

AirBox Deep hardware is now available online with an introductory price of $189.99. Check it out on the Amazon Store of AirBox Deep.  

About AirBox Technologies

AirBox Technologies, located in Richmond, VA USA creates innovative solutions for the future of autonomous secure package delivery to an end-point address using AirBox Technology.

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