Europeans Can Use JASMINER X4-Q to Survive Cold

Summer is almost over and Europe is about to have a cold and expensive winter.

There are reports that British households will spend nearly two times more on heating this winter compared to 2021, a staggering increase for millions of Britons who already struggle to afford everyday necessities.

National Energy Action, a British charity, said, “By October, low-income households won’t be turning on their heat because those on tight budgets won’t be able to support such huge increases in energy bills.”

Not only the UK, but more European families are facing unaffordable heating costs and the risk of even losing electricity and gas. How to get through this difficult winter with lower heating costs has become a problem for many European families in front of them, and they start planning even in the summer.

And this winter, European families also have a new choice: the new JASMINER X4-Q from JASMINER, the world’s leading miner manufacturer, which is not only a high hash rate (1040MH/s), low power consumption (480W) and low noise (<40db) miner, but also a powerful home heater for heating.

When an ordinary heater is bought home, it enters the depreciation stage of constant consumption. JASMINER X4-Q is different from ordinary heaters, it is more like a production equipment such as textile machines, “means of production” that can generate encrypted value, and is definitely considered an “alternative” in the mass consumer goods. Considering the mining revenue of JASMINER X4-Q, compared with the same power consumption heater on the market, to a certain extent it rather reduces the heating cost of European households.

As a mining machine with high hash rate, low power consumption and silent characteristics targeted for personal home use, JASMINER X4-Q not only has low acquisition cost and high heating efficiency (over 97% thermal efficiency), but also has very stable and considerable earnings from mining ETC in the later stage. The ETC mining revenue of JASMINER X4-Q can significantly reduce the heating costs of European home miners, thus generating a more lucrative investment.

Of course, as a “household appliance”, the core of the performance and safety, and JASMINER’s build quality is not to worry, it has anti-overheating, anti-over-voltage, anti-leakage, anti-dry burn and other multiple hardware and software protection devices to ensure maximum stability of equipment operation, safe and reliable.

JASMINER X4-Q is a quiet miner that not only solves the basic physiological needs of home miners against the cold and meets people’s indoor heating needs, but also has natural investment properties that can generate valuable income through ETC mining. Overall, the JASMINER X4-Q is a new option to protect European families from the cold this winter, and it performs very well in both personal mining and home heating.

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