The Black Series HQ15 Makes Camping Effortless

For most RVs, a campsite is essential as it provides the amenities that an RV lacks. However, the Black Series HQ15 RV solves all campsite problems such as booking, various fees and outdated facilities. People go RVing because it feels good to drive through the landscape, and camping trips are supposed to be effortless and convenient. But camping has become troublesome in recent years: we have to book a campsite spot ahead of the vacation and may even have to pay high fees for outdated facilities. So how does the Black Series HQ15 solve all these troubles for the perfect trip? Let’s find out.


The HQ15 is very safe and reliable. Its all-terrain passability makes it excel in market competition. Through various safety design features such as independent suspension, the HQ15 remains closely linked to the cockpit while going off-road along the coast, through forests, up mountains or across steppes. 


Its long-term living support allows you to reach the most remote places on Earth. Equipped with four super-sized water tanks, hybrid power system, large energy storage system and multiple solar panels, the HQ15 ensures that shortages of power or living supplies are no longer a worry on long trips. 


You can turn the HQ15 itself into a campsite after parking it in a beautiful place and fastening it by adjusting the electric outriggers. Home appliances such as a refrigerator, television, microwave oven and indoor kitchen are well laid out in the interior space, which also contains a lounge, bathroom and bed. The interior is designed for convenience and comfort. All of these features make the HQ15 the perfect mobile living space for happy trips. 


You can cook breakfast beside the forest trail where your kids are having fun. After breakfast, you can sip coffee while feeling the breeze rustling through the leaves. At noon, you can engage the whole family in cooking steaks, salad and pasta with the well-equipped outdoor kitchen. Have a nice nap after lunch and then go for a stroll with your family around the forest, unworried about accommodation, food or even the weather. In the evening, you can light a campfire and watch the flames dance to the fabulous music played by the stereo system. Then the night party climaxes with a bountiful dinner and drinking spree. Tired but happy, you can have a refreshing shower and lie down in your super-sized bed, then turn off the gentle lights and fall into a sweet slumber. This is one of the scenes you will enjoy with the HQ15. Just go RVing to unlock even more exciting trips along the way.


Now you know how effortless and comfortable camping can be. You need only park your HQ15 in a beautiful place for a wonderful camping experience.

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