ZT Club Talks To Lamea Finance Ceo Bogdan V. Linnyik: Talking About The Core Value Of Lamea

At 20:00 on August 22, Singapore time, Mr. BOGDAN V. LINNYIK, CEO of LAMEA Finance, visited ZT Club, shared LAMEA with users, and talked about the core value of LAMEA.

The LAMEA Project includes a profitable economic investment, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and charitable activities, the development of an NFT-based gastronomic franchise system and an NFT gaming world and runs on the BNB smart chain.

The LAMEA token is the virtual asset of the LAMEA FINANCE project and are an important part of the ecology, such as NFT Franchise, NFT Game, and NFT Sweepstakes.

The heart and soul of the LAMEA are the offline LAMEA SANDWICH CORNER -s in Austria, our goal is to expand the Message of LAMEA and the LAMEA Token as a healthy food token.

According to related reports, health of people and the development of diseases is greatly influenced by what we eat. Because of this, a larger project is important to raise awareness of this health impact and point out the effects of plastic and overly sweetened foods on the body.

“As we all know, the future belongs to the encrypted world. I firmly believe that the future of LAMEA’s concept of healthy food is also in the crypto world!” said Mr. BOGDAN V. LINNYIK.

Therefore, when LAMEA entered the crypto world, a huge ecosystem was planned, mainly to establish a sandwich franchise system related to the NFT contract and NFT game world, and to establish a good cooperative relationship with the Hungarian Vizsla Inu ecosystem.

For the sustainable development of LAMEA ecology, each transaction in LAMEA retains this transaction fee, that is, each transaction will generate 10% of the transaction fee, 4% of which will enter the liquidity pool; 3% will be used as HVI Rewards; 3% as market and development funds.

The HVI reward is launched after the cooperation between LAMEA and Hungarian Vizsla Inu ecosystem, which means that LAMEA becomes part of the HVI ecosystem. If the holder of LAMEA has at least 10,000 LAMEA in the wallet, that user can benefit from the $HVI bonus.

At the end of this AMA, Mr. BOGDAN V. LINNYIK also shared a good news for everyone. From now on, users can buy LAMEA on ZT GLOBAL, and please pay more attention.

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