Ten hot spots of LED application technology development

First, the total energy efficiency of LED light sources and lamps. Total energy efficiency = internal quantum efficiency × Chip light extraction efficiency × Package light output efficiency × Excitation efficiency of phosphor × Power efficiency × Lamp efficiency. At present, this value is less than 30%, and our goal is to make it greater than 50%.

The second is the comfort of the light source. Specifically, it includes color temperature, brightness, color rendering, color tolerance (color temperature consistency and color drift), glare, no flicker, etc., but there is no unified standard.

The third is the reliability of LED light source and lamps. The main problem is the life and stability. Only by ensuring the reliability of the product from all aspects can the service life of 20000-30000 hours be reached.

The fourth is the modularization of LED light source. The modularization of integrated packaging of LED light source system is the development direction of semiconductor lighting source, and the key problem to be solved is the optical module interface and driving power supply.

Fifth, the safety of LED light source. It is necessary to solve the problems of photobiosafety, super brightness and light flicker, especially the stroboscopic problem.

Sixth, modern LED lighting. The LED lighting source and lamps shall be simple, beautiful and practical. Digital and intelligent technology shall be adopted to make the LED lighting environment more comfortable and meet the personalized needs.

Seventh, intelligent lighting. Combined with communication, sensing, cloud computing, Internet of things and other means, the LED lighting can be effectively controlled to achieve multi-function and energy saving of lighting and improve the comfort of lighting environment. This is also the main development direction of LED applications.

Eighth, non visual lighting applications. In this new field of LED application, it is predicted that its market scale is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan. Among them, ecological agriculture includes plant breeding, growth, livestock and poultry breeding, pest control, etc; Medical care includes treatment of certain diseases, improvement of sleeping environment, health care function, sterilization function, disinfection, purification of water, etc.

Nine is the small spacing display screen. At present, its pixel unit is about 1mm, and p0.8mm-0.6mm products are being developed, which can be widely used in high-definition and 3D display screens, such as projectors, command, dispatching, monitoring, large screen TV, etc.

Ten is to reduce costs and improve cost performance. As mentioned above, the target price of LED products is US $0.5/klm. Therefore, new technologies, new processes and new materials should be adopted in all aspects of the LED industry chain, including substrate, epitaxy, chip, packaging and application design, so as to continuously reduce the cost and improve the performance price ratio. Only in this way can we finally provide people with an energy-saving, environmental friendly, healthy and comfortable LED lighting environment.

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