Explore the stories, cityscape, and legend and lore of Chicago’s Bronzeville circa 1940.

“Time Machine: Bronzeville Between the World Wars” is an innovative virtual experience that aims to bring to life Bronzeville from the 1940s through an immersive visual storytelling approach.

Atlanta-based studio, Alchemy Media Publishing, has recently launched a desktop game on Kickstarter that is uniquely designed to present a highly immersive view of the South Side of  Chicago in the 1940s. Titled “Time Machine: Bronzeville Between the World Wars” the interactive virtual tour offers an innovative opportunity to witness the golden era of Bronzeville and learn how it molded the culture, lives, and history forever. The desktop video game app is compatible with both PC and Mac devices.

“Time Machine: Bronzeville Between the World Wars” is innovatively designed to bring to life the historical stories, cityscape, as well as legends and lore of South Side Chicago ca.1940. The game has used state-of-the-art animation, audio, visuals, and narrative to create a deep immersive experience of  the Chicago neighborhood from the bygone-era. Time Machine stands out with an exclusive blend of original Chicago Renaissance-inspired art with modern game technology that have been brought together to create an unparalleled virtual storytelling experience.” 

This innovative storytelling presentation is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed media artist, Philip Mallory Jones, as well as his brother Donald Brooks Jones, author and publisher. 

“Bronzeville in the 1940s had been the witness to several era-defining and life-changing historical events such as The Depression, Jim Crow, and of course the Great Depression. Our parents belonged to Bronzville and we grew up listening to the stories of the phenomenal history of the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, only  few are alive to narrate these stories and the archival records too cannot provide the authentic data. But, we cannot let these stories fade away with the passage of time. The story and history of Bronzeville is extremely crucial to understand the time and history from that era and how the incidents during those times have left a profound impact in the life we lead today as well. Thus, we resorted to technology to help us preserve the memories of the golden era of Bronzeville through immersive realistic storytelling through Time Machine”, stated   Donald Brooks Jones.

The game opens up to make way for a grand tabletop diorama that has been accurately designed to represent the heart of Bronzeville cityscape in the 1940s. The cityscape has been fully animated with sound, light, culture, mood, people, and activities of the neighborhood back in those days. Players will get a 360 degree view of Bronzeville between the wars and explore the various hotspots that the region is famous for. Each of the hotspots come with pop up panels with informational audio and text to create a highly immersive experience for the gamers.

“Our game is not just about an immersive story of vintage Bronzeville but also about bringing to you authentic historical facts about that place that are hard to find anywhere else.”

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