Despite Enduring Several Setbacks And Challenges In life, Tony F. Marquez Stayed Firm In Following His Dreams And Became A Reputable Filmmaker In Miami

Being a determined and skilled individual, Tony F. Marquez is all set to chase his dreams, refusing to give up.

Picked up from the Juvenile detention center in San Diego by his father at 14, Tony F. Marquez experienced numerous challenging and complicated situations in his life. As a teenager, he was wrongly arrested and accused of armed kidnapping and faced several formidable trials. During his attorney’s efforts to get a fair and equitable sentence for Tony F. Marquez, he met a professional Judge named Ellen Sue Venzer after waiting for six and a half months for sentencing at the Miami Dade County Corrections Stockade. In place of a prison sentence, the judge gave Tony F. Marquez a four-year probationary period, with the only requirement being that he graduated with a college degree without dropping his GPA below 2.5. Despite having a rough childhood and an arduous journey, Tony F. Marquez was determined to conquer his dreams and never gave up.

After getting the probation, Tony F. Marquez got a bachelor’s degree in Film at Miami Dade College and never stopped putting in diligent efforts to get on film sets. Resolutely, he was on sets as a production assistant or even as an extra. As a result of his constant hard work, he garnered the attention of several esteemed individuals and filmmakers. He worked on some tremendous big-budget productions, steadily rising through the ranks. While working with numerous eminent and talented personalities in the filmmaking industry, Tony F. Marquez got to learn and experience many things related to his careerpath and ambitions.

“The series that I will be producing is called Juvi, set in the late 90s; it’s a coming-of-age streaming series that follows a bright young pre-teen rebel who has a run-in with the law that lands him in Juvenile Hall. Think “Orange is the New Black” meets the 1995 film “kids”. Production is set to begin mid-2024,” says Tony F. Marquez.

With resilient efforts and travail, Tony F. Marquez started working toward launching his video production company. Still, unfortunately, he lost it because of the distressing circumstances he had to endure due to his divorce and his subsequent condition as a covid victim. With an indomitable personality and the ability to bounce back from serious situations, Tony F. Marquez launched a new media company, Liquid Gold Media, despite undergoing troublesome circumstances and conditions. Using his newly established company, Tony F. Marquez works with businesses that want their products or services featured in engaging product placement-centered media.

Staying firm and determined in his decisions have helped him produce a series called Juvi, set in the late 90s. This coming-of-age streaming series is about a pre-teen rebel who has an encounter with the law that lands him in juvenile hall. Moreover, the film’s production is all set to begin by mid-2024. With an unstoppable personality, Tony F. Marquez has also become one of the influential personalities. While producing the film, he took inspiration from his life, highlighting the experiences of landing in Juvenile Hall in his younger years.

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