Learn 5 basic robot mechanisms with Robotry DIY kits

Learn 5 basic robot mechanisms with Robotry DIY kits

For the first step of learning robotics, it is important to understand the machine’s structure and movement. ROBOTRY DIY kit will help you figure out them in an easy and fun way.

Robotry Inc creates STEM robotic toys and is currently launching set packages that make you collect 5 paper robots.

Each paper robot has each mechanics. These are 5 mechanisms crank, bevel gear, slider, cam & follower, and super gear.

Robotry’s robot-making kits are all made by paper. Just start putting the parts together, you can get a moving paper robot. This robot has a handle connected to the inner structures. Simply turning this handle makes a different movement following the mechanism of each Robit.

According to ROBOTRY officials, users complete it the same as 3D puzzles, they will learn robotic structure and movement naturally because this powerful kit is built on the core concepts of robotics, mechanics, and engineering.

These are several sets given the level, you can even get them with a discount now on Amazon!

ROBOTRY moving paper robot making kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09Y5TP3TQ

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