InternetAdvisor Releases Guide On Online Safety For Young Users

A guide on the various threats on social media and what parents can do to help children navigate the internet safely.

InternetAdvisor, the broadband review platform aimed at helping people discover the best provider for them, has recently released a guide on the various threats on social media and what parents can do to help their children navigate the internet safely. 

“The internet can be a great place of learning, but it can also be a great place of misinformation and cruelty,” explains a representative from the company. They hope that by publishing their guide, they will be able to help prevent unhappy situations from happening. 

Currently, there have been reports of children being groomed through social media, cases of bullying leading to attempted or successful suicide in children as young as 10 years old. Recent statistics show that suicide rates in children younger than 12 have increased by 45% since 2016, pointing at the internet as the ultimate culprit. 

While there are plenty of guides on the internet, InternetAdvisor is a trusted source of information. The company has provided relevant, accurate, and reliable information for years. They have also been accredited by various sources such as the Trusted Reviews Foundation.

“What InternetAdvisor is doing is something paramount to growing today’s generation. We live in a digital age with very real digital threats. Luckily, most parents today have some experience with technology, unlike the generation before them, who were completely oblivious to the dangers of the internet. The guide provided by InternetAdvisor can and will help parents navigate the tricky waters of online privacy, safety, individual digital footprint, among other things,” explained an authority in digital security. 

InternetAdvisor also sought the help of child psychologists in order to gear their guide towards a more child-friendly approach. One of their sources reported that, “Children don’t have the same kind of spatial awareness as adults do and that leaks over to their perception of the world. When they don’t understand personal space, they tend to take everything personally. Only maturity can help them cope with this human construct that not everything that someone says is an attack. They might say it to hurt you, but those bullets don’t hurt unless you allow them to – this construct is something that parents need to help their children adopt and practice.” 

Though the platform is ultimately a review site for broadband providers, the company holds themselves accountable to the kind of access that they are providing, furthermore, since it is their job to provide comprehensive information, they are taking it another step further to ensure the safety of their users. 

The founder was reported as saying that they feel responsible because they want to make sure that people who use their recommendations to sign up with a broadband provider are also well-informed on all the vulnerabilities that the internet comes with, saying, “There are scams to watch out for, and on the digital space, scams can look very, very close to the real thing. I’m not just talking about con men, but also fake designer products being sold on sites that look extremely legit. That’s the thing about the internet, people believe what they see, which is why children are even more susceptible to falling prey to criminals or unscrupulous individuals on the internet.”

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