Connie Digital announces generative music drop called Digital CD.v1


Connie Digital released Digital CD.v1, a collection of music in the generative music drop. This project aims to incentivize true fans and new potential fans to be a part of an artist’s journey early. After the evident shift in the digital music market with the rise of streaming services, Connie’s drop aims to create a new paradigm in the music industry by leveraging the power of the artist and their fans.

Collectors can mint a randomized CD, jewel case, and poster that can help them to build their collection. Rarity traits and gamification are built in the drop. Collectors can become active in the artist’s journey by getting their own personalized CD.

The tokenization of digital art is a digital process that enables artists to convert their creations into tokens on the blockchain. These tokens can be secured and traded, or they can be used as collectible assets. The technology also allows the artist to trace ownership across the blockchain and create a derivative work from the artwork linked to the original token.

“Not only is this project about reinventing myself, but it’s also an experiment on how to release a collection of music in Web3. This is a new way to distribute a collection of music, whether an EP, album or mixtape,” says Connie Digital. “For years, I iterated on the design of cassette tapes and tokenized many of these creations.”

Connie Digital is a songwriter and digital artist based in New Jersey, USA. He highlights the social constructs that plague hip-hop music while utilizing funky grooves, dynamic melodies, and rhyming skills. His songs- Swear to God and When it’s time, have received significant attention from various online media outlets. Connie Digital has recently entered the Web3 sphere and has a substantial amount of its intellectual property in the digital sphere.

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