Albert Albie Aldahawi Shares His Journey from Refugee to Successful Entrepreneur

Assyrian-Australian entrepreneur Albert Albie Aldahawi has been many things in his life. Refugee, professional wrestler, influencer, fitness model, online retailer, and Catering HQ co-founder. He intends to continue expanding his hospitality company throughout Australia and releasing a second product in his fragrance line.

Albert Albie Aldahawi, known as Albie in the wrestling ring, is a man of many talents. From difficult childhood years as a refugee to a successful career as an entrepreneur and professional wrestler, Aldahawi shares his incredible story to show others what’s possible when they shake off expectations and follow their passions. 

Albie knows about struggling to get by, let alone thrive, and he is extensively familiar with putting in the work to reach his goals. He remembers a time when he couldn’t afford to attend professional wrestling shows, and now he’s the one in the ring. From wishing he could buy designer clothes to modeling for some of the world’s most famous brands, Aldahawi has built a successful career and uses his platform to give back to the community that helped him rise.

Starting with nothing

Albie was born in Amman, Jordan, but his family had to flee the war-torn country when he was six years old. They first traveled to Malaysia, where his family boarded two small fishing boats with 60 other people. They were stranded at sea for seven days due to a broken motor, and one of the boats sank, with the survivors captured and arrested. Albie and his family were detained for a year after arriving in Australia, where his younger brother was born. 

He often watched wrestling with his father on television, falling in love with the sport. Albie and his younger brother filmed videos wrestling in the backyard, racking up 20 million views on YouTube and catching the attention of the Australian Wrestling Federation. 

Building a career

His early success on YouTube gave Aldahawi a platform upon which he built the foundation of his career. He amassed 23 million views for his videos and more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. Considered one of Australia’s top social media stars, Aldahawi has modeled for brands like Levi’s, Stussy, and Nike. 

He received his bachelor’s degree in 2014 and founded his online retail store, AlbieShop, where he released his first fragrance, ALBIE: Tabac Al Oud, in 2016. Aldahawi co-founded Catering HQ with his business partner in 2017. The company owns and operates seven hospitality venues across Australia, with plans for further expansion. 

The video that started it all

Albert Albie Aldahawi and his younger brother, Andre, perform as Sin Cara vs. John Cena with their entertaining backyard wrestling. This video alone had more than 2.2 million views. 

Albie made his Australian Wrestling Federation (AWF) debut in 2014. He currently holds the AWF Tag-Team Champion title and has wrestling and charity events in his local community alongside his entrepreneurial efforts. 

Giving back

Aldahawi has organized several charity wrestling shows, raising thousands for worthy organizations while entertaining and encouraging the community to become more active. He’s also given away gift bags with toys at meet-and-greet events. Alongside his wife, Marfin, and their children, Aiden and Alana, Aldahawi seeks to be an active community member while building toward a successful future. 

“Throughout my journey from arriving in Sydney to becoming successful, I received a lot of support from the Assyrian community, so I decided to give back to them,” Aldahawi said. 


Albert Albie Aldahawi has overcome many hurdles on his path to success. He said he plans to expand Catering HQ’s reach across Australia with new venues. He also has another fragrance in progress for AlbieShop and will continue to organize wrestling events in his community. To learn more about Aldahawi and his many talents, visit his website or contact him on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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