Seeking Men And Women Who Refuse Average And Commit To Always Doing What’s Right. Consider Signing The Peaceful Savage Oath Today

Mitchell R. Tucker has recently announced he will soon launch his online course and book The Peaceful Savage to embolden in others the traits of a peaceful savage. These traits will propel you to greatness all while serving those around you. In an utterly unpredictable world, one can be prepared to meet the challenges by taking on a new perspective. Every human being is capable of greatness; one has to look at their life differently. Seeing oneself as excellent doesn’t mean one will achieve excellence; it means one may recognize what needs to be done in order to achieve it.

Mitchell R. Tucker, a talented Author of Amazon Bestseller “Mentally Tough in a Weak Society,” is set to release his second book and online course, “The Peaceful Savage.” The emerging model of greatness will challenge the individual to live life at a whole new level. While embracing absolute truths and traditional values and morals. The Peaceful Savage model reaches across many areas of life and invites all who are ready to live a life full of conviction, purpose and dedication. Are you willing to sign the peaceful savage oath? Explore the possibilities at

When asked about the community’s uniqueness, Mr. Mitchell said, “The Peaceful Savage is a community of like-minded men and women who refuse average and embrace greatness. The Peaceful Savage model is a way of life you embrace not just for yourself but for future generations as well. Our goal is to take every man and women who are willing, to the top. We live in a mentally weak society, we need mental resilience, leadership and traditional American values back in our society. My course and book will help you create the life and legacy you deserve. The time has come to make the world better; take the oath and get ready to build a legacy!”

The Peaceful Savage Course is a philosophy of living life sacredly and powerfully that embraces greatness. A Peaceful Savage doesn’t let anything stop them from being great. Not family or friends, not their current situation, and not what people think of them. By taking the sacred oath, one will be part of a like-minded community that wants to deliver value through their work and live meaningful lives that create the world they want to see.

The Peaceful Savage Book presents concepts, wisdom, and fundamental truths about realizing all that is possible for one as one takes control of their lives. Our world has lost sight of what is true. Wrong is so often being called right, right is being called wrong. We are a broken, depressed and lost society. It is time a community of Peaceful Savages step up and say this is not right, follow me to greatness.

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