ATTOP Drone for Adults, Kids, and Beginners – An Amazing Gift

Almost all kids have a flying dream. They are full of imagination, where they fly to the infinite universe, another planet, the moon, the far sky, or just the roof of the house during their childhood. Here comes a drone. A drone can achieve kids’ and adults’ flying dreams. ATTOP Drone with camera almost has all the attractive features that a drone can provide, it is an excellent gift for adults, kids, and drone beginners.


Features of ATTOP Drone:

1080P HD Camera

With a full HD camera, this drone can capture every moment. This function is beneficial for recording enjoyable memories and sharing fantastic moments in daily life, also an ideal gift for camera lovers and social media lovers.

Easy to Operate

Just press one button to start functions. Take the return function for example, it will recall your drone back quickly when pressing the button. No matter which direction the head is facing, headless mode allows users to lock the controlled direction by using the remote controller. Users can also lock the height of the drone to have a more stable view through the altitude hold function.

Safe to Play

The unique propeller guards are made of broken-resistant material. For the sake of both the user’s and the drone’s safety, the drone with camera for kids is equipped with four propeller guards. It can not only prevent accidental cutting to users but also prevent unexpected damage to the drone body.

360° Flip

Press the 360° stunt and push the stick to the right/top/left/bottom, the drone will rotate 360° towards the direction of right/front/left/back. The flying drone will demonstrate a visual feast through its rotating performance. What an amazing toy!

Custom Flying Route

Set the flying route of the drone as you like. This drone can fly along the air route you want as long as you draw the route on the “W FPV” APP. Wherever you would like the RC drone to fly, just draw it. This function makes your drone unique from any other drone.

3 Adjustable Speeds

Special for different flying needs of adults, kids, and beginners. The slow or medium speed is fit for beginners or kids, and the fast speed is for adults or kids with skillful fly. In addition, Gesture / Voice / Gravity Control functions are also allowed.

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