TikTok “Day in my life” phenomena and traditional journaling on Goodnight Journal

The recent popularity of “Day in my life” videos on TikTok and YouTube presents a new way of journaling from traditional writing with a pen and paper.

As social media platforms like TikTok continue to gain popularity with the younger generation, the way of journaling has evolved into a new form, short videos. “Day in My Life” videos are popular on TikTok and YouTube, where creators take their audiences through a typical day in their lives. 

These videos have caught the attention of many people, including influencers in the category. This trend features people showcasing their authentic day without the pressure of overly planning the content. Some influencers who have created “Day in My Life” or “Day in The Life” video journals on TikTok include @dannyhaboi, @lucas.kth, and @sunnysideuptv.

Some video journaling influencers literarily post a couple of seconds clips of what they did throughout the day, and some make a story out of it with their own voice. There is a wide variety of “Day in My Life” videos out there, which make good content for the audiences. Although it attracts audiences on different social media platforms, it is questionable whether this short video format journaling is as beneficial for the content creator as traditional journaling.

Why are people so obsessed with short video journals on TikTok?

Short video content forms have become popular across the board. They are fun, fascinating to watch, and short, meaning people can consume more daily content. The “Day in My Life” phenomenon continues to grow because people love to see how someone has a completely different lifestyle and does different things in the day. The videos also resonate with audiences on days similar to their own.

Short videos also cater to the shortening attention span of the average person. With so much content available on social media platforms, people need to be able to consume as much of it as possible in a short time. Short videos make it possible for people to scroll quickly and capture the audience’s attention for longer.

How “Day in My Life” videos on TikTok differentiate from traditional journaling

Although “Day in My Life” videos share a concept of documenting the day or life, the intention of making TikTok videos seems different from traditional journaling. Traditional journaling is used for self-improvement, productivity, and mental health, while TikTok videos focus more on the entertainment aspect and popularity to become influencers.

Goodnight Journal founder O Park shared his thoughts on the TikTok phenomena, “I found it entertaining to watch and sometimes very motivating. I had to give it a try and see what the experience is like keeping the journal in a short video format, and I found out it’s not for everyone. It became a task to consistently make videos throughout the day, and it took extra time to put them into a video to publish. It was a completely different experience from writing a journal.”

Journaling allows people to insert themselves into their thoughts and feelings and takes much less time than creating videos. Although short video journaling with fun background music might work for some, traditional journaling seems more self-forced in terms of boosting mental health and productivity. 

Goodnight Journal is the app for people who want to indulge in much deeper journaling and connect with a community of writers. 

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