Marie Mason, the Daylight Ghost Hunter, Has a Surprise for All Horror Fans

Marie Mason shares evidence of some of the most exciting horror investigations.

Anyone who believes in ghosts or dismisses them as a figment of their imagination will love Marie Mason’s new book Ghosts of Ransburg: The Madame’s Secrets. This book compiles ghost-sighting incidents from the town of Ransburg, backing each investigation with evidence.

For people fascinated by the supernatural and skeptics who are hesitant to believe in the existence of ghosts, the book serves as a detailed guide to haunting incidents reported in the town of Ransburg. The book cites details of events that have no rational explanation and only make sense as supernatural activity. Each case traces these activities to a potential ghost and tries to make sense of the odd occurrences.

The spine-chilling collection of stories is not only an exciting read, but the engaging storytelling takes readers on a journey of historical events. The book has everything from ghost sightings in mental asylums to abandoned dancing halls that could be haunted.

About the Author:

Marie Mason is a ghost hunter and paranormal investigator. The author is an avid history lover, having spent her childhood traveling across Bodie, Yosemite, Lone Pine, and California, and aims to bring light to the existence of ghosts with her novel. More information on the author is available on their website

Marie Mason is a Santa Clarita, California native resident who loves to explore, and her hometown is rich in history. While searching for the legend of the Prom Queen Ghost in 2019, Marie captured the full apparition of the Ghost during the day. In her quest to debunk herself, she continued to be amazed at all the evidence she was catching then it became clear to her in the year 2019 that a paranormal window had opened, and Now the Ghost allows Marie to take their picture during the day in color. Marie’s first true love is  History; this adventure has taken Marie to the most historical locations capturing Ghosts everywhere she goes. After Prom Queen ghost Marie set off from Randsburg, where she was hired to host a Halloween Event for the Entire Ghost Town, and while sleeping in the Red Light Cabin she caught the Ghost of Madame Marguerite Roberts.

Speaking to the media, Marie said “The Ghost does not scare Me; once you do your homework, you begin to understand who they are, and maybe we can help. Are they lost, happy, sad, or just lonely? I find them playful because I am playful.”

Now Marie has taken her ability, and Host Events all over in these Historical Locations, Including the World Famous Glen Tavern Inn, the most haunted hotel in California, and will help guests talk to ghosts for the October Halloween Event in 2022

Marie is the granddaughter of a Grave digger Samuel Mason maybe he passed on his connections to her, and the Ghost Whisper is born AGAIN.

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