Lloyd Ross’ Sage Financial Education Helps Consumers Change How They Think About Saving Money

In just a few short years, Lloyd J. Ross has taken the concept of planting money trees and turned it into a lucrative financial brand, helping consumers to think differently about letting their money work for them, even in their sleep.

Surfer’s Paradise, Qld, Australia – As the old English saying goes, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’. Except from a literal perspective, that simply isn’t true. After all, traditional bank notes are made out of paper, and paper comes from trees. Suffice it to say, there’s no reason why actual money plants and some good old-fashioned financial education can’t help you or your business put money in the bank and back into your pockets. 

When it comes to financial education, look no further than Lloyd Ross and his financial education and coaching company called – wait for it – Money Grows On Trees. As a former lawyer turned entrepreneur and financial coach, Lloyd is rapidly helping everyday people in Australia and beyond overcome their financial difficulties and be smarter with their money. 

According to Lloyd Ross, it all begins with changing your perspective on how to earn money and finding ways to make it work for you instead of the other way around. In Lloyd’s own words, ‘You don’t need crazy savings to get started. You just need to change how you think, and start using what you’ve already got, to grow more money while you sleep.’ In layman’s terms, this means finding innovative ways to grow your portfolio or ‘money tree’ by first identifying your spending and earning behavior and then tapping into new income opportunities.  

And while other business professionals were sleeping, Lloyd was the proverbial early bird who caught some money worms which turned into a wealth of accomplishments over time. He successfully started and runs the popular ‘Money Grows On Trees’ podcast and has just published his second book entitled ‘Money Buys Happiness’. And that’s not all. Lloyd Ross’ reputable brand has recently launched its 12-Month Online Money Mentorship Program which boasts well over 100 students in attendance in its very first year. 

And he’s shared his 7 best secrets for saving and making money in his latest book to help turn your financial luck around. The best part is that it costs a lot less than buying a money plant. 

About Lloyd Ross:

Lloyd J. Ross is a successful online business trainer, speaker, financial coach and author with a popular podcast (‘Money Grows On Trees’) and two reputable publications – ‘Money Grows On Trees’ and more recently, ‘Money Buys Happiness’ under his belt. He and his wife Alisha also run a successful and global business marketing natural supplements online.

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