Organized by Keli & Co. is helping people make time and space in their homes.

Organized by Keli & Co. is a professional organizing team that delivers organized, functional and inspiring spaces to live and work.

Keeping a house or place of work organized is difficult, and most people wish they could cast a magic spell and automatically organize their spaces. The amount of time it takes to declutter and get things in order is one of the reasons why organizing is difficult for many people. Not to mention the mental fatigue from decision-making and the emotions scattered items can stir up. What most people may not know is that keeping spaces organized has psychological benefits, like improved energy and mood.

Since most people don’t have the time and energy to create their dream spaces, professional organizers and productivity consultants help people in their organizing journey. Organized by Keli & Co. is a professional organizer Denver company that offers home organizing services that create envy-worthy spaces for clients. Organized by Keli & Co. was founded by Keli Jakel, a professional organizer and life transitions coach. Keli understands the importance of finding order in a season that feels chaotic, which is why she launched the company.

“Being organized looks different for each person. In the simplest sense, getting organized is having your time and objects aligned to your vision and goals,” shares Keli Jakel. Most clients feel overwhelmed when this alignment is not present.  Professional organizers support evaluation, decision-making, and action around objects and space. They help clients achieve their goals regarding function, order, and clarity.

Working with home organizers helps people avoid unnecessary stress and tension in their relationships, routines, and quality of life. While everyone intends to tidy their space, the truth is that often it is not the best use of their time. Learning which items to do, delete, and delegate results in better-increased energy. “More energy spent functioning in your zone of genius is the path to creating the life you want to live.” 

Home organizing has become one of those things that can be delegated from the to-do list. Organized by Keli & Co. ensures that clients receive the best quality service. “Our professional home organizers in Denver transform your space while you focus on other priorities. We deliver organized, functional and inspiring spaces to live and work.”

Life transitions such as a move, a new baby, divorce, or losing a loved one can be especially difficult when life is already scheduled and busy. Keli believes that when people have order in their spaces, they have more time and energy to focus on being who the world needs them to be. Organized by Keli & Co. is built around this principle and provides world-class home organizing services.  

Organized by Keli & Co. invites people to schedule a consult with a professional home organizer on their team. During this session, clients share details of their projects, and the Keli & Co team recommends a custom solution to meet the client’s timeline, budget, and vision. Once this is agreed upon, the Keli & Co team does the planning, shopping, transformation, and, finally, the reveal. Clients work with a lead organizer who oversees the whole process and walks the client through the final reveal to ensure the client is happy with their organized space.

“We strive to exceed expectations with every project. We love unpacking and/or organizing a home, and the client walks in for the reveal and feels pride and relief.”

Organized by Keli & Co. is changing lives in Denver and its surrounding areas. The home organizing company is renowned for its ability to pull off projects with minimal involvement from the client. The company creates organized and functional spaces for each client with its signature services and processes.

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