Setting Against The Backdrop Of Empowering Women, A Self-Reliant Woman Dr. May Ikeora Establishes L’Avyanna To Address The Market Gap Offering High-Quality Skincare Products For Women-of-Color

With determination and hard work, Dr. May Ikeora established her brand to eliminate the market gap with affordable skincare products for women-of-colour.

With extensive experience operating as a self-reliant businesswoman across Africa and Europe, Dr May Ikeora is an academic researcher, author, and former beauty queen. Dr May Ikeora has built a strong career spanning 17 years in the area of women’s rights, anti-human trafficking, migration, and peacebuilding as a passionate advocate. As a result of her determination and constant urge to advocate for women and girls, she gained the attention of various esteemed organizations, including the United Nations, African Union, and Governments amongst others. With a far-sighted vision and entrepreneurial mindset, Dr May Ikeora has built a wealth of business knowledge and diligently tried to get worldwide recognition.

Having witnessed a beauty identity crisis in the black community, where beauty ideals are geared towards skin bleaching, she strives to educate people-of-color through various campaigns about the dangers of bleaching and the importance of choosing a well-researched brand manufactured with people-of-color in mind. Dr May Ikeora began working assiduously on fostering confidence in black women and standing up for them when she realized how beauty is closely linked to how girls feel about themselves and the role they play in their various communities. Through L’Avyanna, May advocates for the empowerment of African women and girls by improving existing perceptions of beauty standards to be more inclusive of diversity.

Dr May Ikeora has achieved high success as a licensed skincare formulator and a Formula Botanica UK tutor while also developing a career in international human rights, particularly those relating to women, and authoring several books on modern slavery (human trafficking). She mainstreams the latter in the ethics of her beauty business.

I have been driven in my career in human rights, which spans about 17 years of working across Africa and Europe. In the cause of my work, I was most inspired by my advocacy with girls through the ‘Raising Girls Project”, says Dr May Ikeora.

In addition to her desire to advocate for women and girls, she recognized a market gap for women-of-color for affordable quality skincare products, especially in diaspora communities outside of Africa, where skincare products for people-of-color are lacking in mainstream chains. The gap inspired her to establish a reputable and competitive skin-care essential brand, L’Avyanna, with the mission to make it accessible, affordable, and high-quality skincare targeted at women and men of color. Over time, L’Avyanna has developed into a reputable global brand and strives to continue to expand.                                

Apart from offering top-notch skin care products, the ideology of Dr May Ikeora behind establishing the business is to boost the confidence of her target audience while advising them to believe in themselves and get comfortable with their skin color. Furthermore, as a multifaceted personality, Dr May Ikeora holds a Ph.D. in Law from the University Of Hull, United Kingdom, and has become an influential figure in her community, inspiring black female founders to embrace the challenges and dedication that come with pursuing their life-long goals. 

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