The Pathology Of Eric Russo’s Sleeping Terror And The Underlying Trauma of War between neighbors

How living with protracted conflict and war leads to severe social and psychological distress? Numerous psychological effects and disorders brought on by war trauma can be highly burdensome for individuals and their families. In addition, existing resources are strained during war times to meet trauma victims’ demands.

Rick Gerardi has written in his If Not Us about his main character Eric Russo’s disturbed sleep and nightmares. Eric Russo’s life is disrupted by terrifying night terrors that have taken over his sleeping hours. His psychologist advises using hypnosis to discover the underlying trauma of his nocturnal bouts to understand the causes of his nightmares. These sessions finally open a portal to an astonishing past-life narrative of a Colonial builder and militiaman, which may help explain his condition.

Rick graduated with a degree in History from Dartmouth College. His two different interests, writing, and history, made him pen this,  his first fiction book. It is  a book that took much research to account for the science of psycho-hypnosis, past-life regression accurately, and historical storytelling of America’s colonial period to bring the book to life and, perhaps, relevancy. The satisfaction of that experience has guaranteed Rick’s future writing.

Embark with this spiritual awakening book on a journey with Eric Russo as he, his wife Tess, and others try to solve the enigma of the night terrors and perhaps find a way to a constructive national conversation. Moreover, Eric must face the spiritual ramifications of the past-life sessions and the foolishness of attempting to withdraw from an active life in a divisive political climate. The voyage is full of betrayal, struggle, drama, humor, and, in the end, salvation.

The many parallels Rick noticed between the poisonous nature of modern American politics and the comparable, if not greater, animosity amongst neighbors, friends, and family during the Revolutionary period served as the inspiration for his historical fiction book If not us

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