Love A Feeling Or An Experience

Love is an emotion that uplifts your spirit, adds excitement to every day of your life, and is profoundly liberating. But when the same love holds you captive, your world turns upside down, and the excruciating pain hollows you out for all time. One of the romance books for adults that will appeal to both men and women is one that Rose Curiel has to offer.

In her 30s, Rose developed a passion for writing and started working on her first romantic thriller book. However, she decided to set it aside when her life became busier. Following several eye-opening, life-altering events, Rose created the book “So Many Women” because she felt there was a need to share experiences from a woman’s perspective.

It frequently occurs that things that seem so excellent and ideal that you secretly wish you had them or envy someone who does are your life’s worst and ugliest mistakes. One of the best romance books in 2022, So Many Women, will make you re-evaluate your desires because it will make you realize that not everything that shines is gold.

Such romantic books for adults, So Many Women, by Rose Curiel, is a blend of romance, thrill, and suspense that will captivate fans of romance-thrillers everywhere. The finest suspense thriller will take you on an emotional rollercoaster where one moment, you’ll be clutching your fists tight, and the next, you’ll be melting in a pool of love.

One of the best love story books by Rose Curiel, in which she has expertly captured the thoughts and sentiments of women who are torn between their aspirations and the horrors this society subjects them to. Women have to be careful what they want since everything they receive adds to the list of demands because they are entangled in and burdened by many roles and obligations.

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