Ivo Malinkovski explains top wine trends for 2022

To help people gain enough knowledge about the top wine trends of 2022

With another chaotic year under the belts, the wine industry is more focused than ever before on working in harmony with the earth while simultaneously producing delicious wines that consumers will enjoy again and again in 2022. The market for new and under-the-radar wines is growing as buyers, retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers continue to seek them out. With growing awareness about the environmental impact of winemaking, an increasing number of well-educated wine lovers are demanding more from every bottle of wine they consume. Taking into account people’s expectations from around the world, wineries have compiled a list of top wine trends in 2022 expected to make a big mark in this year’s world of wine.

In the past few years, natural wine has been a curiosity, lingering on the fringes of the wine industry, but it shows no signs of fading. Natural wine is simply fermented grape juice without any added ingredients. It is largely up to natural wine producers in historic regions to rediscover and protect local grapes and styles, which would be lost if bureaucrats and powerful critics were involved. Consumer confidence and curiosity in this category are growing; hence natural wine is included in the top trend of 2022. It isn’t just found in niche wine bars or retailers; they are gathering up a new demographic of people who may not have considered themselves to be wine lovers previously.

Moreover, the past few years have seen an increase in the number of non-alcoholic options available across all categories, and wine is no exception. Health-conscious consumers concerned about reducing their alcohol consumption while retaining the sense of occasion and social and cultural rituals that accompany wine drinking are driving the growth in wine varieties available and demanding improvements in taste and quality. With a 30% increase in consumption expected in the future, the low- and no-alcohol wine markets are anticipated to grow.

Further, in 2022, adventurous consumers are expected to explore lesser-known grape varieties and undervalued regions, especially the younger millennial and Gen Z generations. There are a number of rising stars in Italian wine, including Falanghina and Greco, as well as Sumoll and Trepat from Spain, and Petit Manseng from southwest France.

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