Car Accident Lawyer at Siegfried & Jensen Gets Fair Compensation for Car Accident Victims In and Around Utah

For over three decades, Siegfried & Jensen has helped injury and wrongful death victims of car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, etc., obtain fair compensation and justice. Over the years, it has won more than $1.2 billion in compensation.

According to announcements released by Siegfried & Jensen, the car accident lawyer at this law firm ensures that insurance companies cannot get away without reimbursing fair and just claim amounts. The car accident attorney from Siegfried & Jensen knows the complex laws that govern car accident cases and how insurance companies try to circumvent processes and procedures to delay or deny rightful reimbursements to injury victims.

It is not easy for individuals to fight an auto insurance company by themselves. Injury victims invariably have to settle for a lower claim amount. Siegfried & Jensen prepares a solid case based on thorough investigations for forceful negotiations and, if required, aggressive litigation. With a personal injury lawyer from this firm by their side, clients do not have to worry about the paperwork, forms, documentations, meeting deadlines, and all the other legal aspects related to a car accident injury.

Siegfried & Jensen keeps car accident injury victims updated about their progress and does what it can to ease their healing and recuperation process. The law firm’s reputation precedes it, and insurance companies would instead opt for an out-of-court settlement than face car accident attorneys from this law firm in court litigation. This saves the clients valuable time and quickly places much-needed funds at their disposal.

Utah uses modified comparative negligence to establish liabilities. Accident lawyers from Siegfried & Jensen know how to prove that the client’s liability was either zero or minimal.

Siegfried & Jensen said, “People pay monthly premiums to your car insurance company to cover them against losses if there’s an accident. You’d think that these carriers would pay claims fairly without someone having to force them, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Insurance is big business; companies care more about keeping their profits than paying injured accident victims or their families. They often use underhanded strategies and lowball offers to keep from paying more than they have to.

A competent car accident lawyer will prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of you. Don’t feel guilty for expecting insurance companies to pay a reasonable amount for the damages their policyholder caused. You’re not trying to take advantage of the situation, only collect on what’s owed.

Many factors can contribute to causing a car accident, such as the driver’s age and length of time driving, the time of day, weather and road conditions, and mechanical failure. However, human error is typically the most significant reason for car accidents. There is no downside to you picking up the phone and calling us now. It won’t cost you anything to see if we can help.

If you call and don’t end up hiring us, you’re no worse off than you are. However, if you call to find out if you have a case, you will be one enormous step further down the path of getting back to how life was before the accident.”

About the Company:

Since 1990, Siegfried & Jensen has represented more than 35,000 clients and has obtained more than a billion dollars in compensation for personal injury victims. It has a 97% success rate and works hard to hold the guilty accountable. The first call to this law firm is free.

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